Office of Digital Government

We provide leadership for digital reform within the public sector to improve service delivery to the Western Australian community.

The Office of Digital Government (DGov) is a discrete business unit within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

DGov is leading the digital transformation of the WA public sector to support agencies in improving service delivery to the community.

The State Government has invested $34.7 million to ensure ongoing leadership of the digital reform agenda. Digital transformation is fundamental to a modern, efficient public sector and will allow the community to more conveniently access government services delivered through secure technology. Western Australia has world leading cyber security research expertise that is delivering practical applications for agencies to build their cyber resilience.

DGov works with agencies to support their digital transformation and create a connected public sector. This includes providing more convenient access to government services online, and not disadvantaging those who cannot or do not want to use digital services. Ensuring that personal information and data collected, stored and shared by the WA Government is protected is a crucial element of what we do.

How are we transforming?

Page reviewed 28 May 2021