Sawn wood all chop

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The Forest Products Commission’s (FPC) latest sawn timber auction was a success with 99 per cent of the available sawn timbers sold at or above reserve price.
Timber auction

Forester – Senior Timber Assessor Steve Davis said the recent auction result was a record turnover for a sawn timber only auction.

“The auction ran for a week from 17 July and showcased a range of different native timber species sawn into slabs, boards, burl slices and artisan pieces,” Mr. Davis said.

“Bidding started immediately as the sale went online and steadily progressed, culminating in a spike on the last day that tripled what was received in the days prior.”

Two open inspection days were held, which allowed people to come in and browse the lots for sale at their leisure, with both days were well attended by prospective bidders.

“The online auction appears to be reaching a larger audience than our physical one, and the duration of the auction allows people to plan out their projects over the whole week before having to bid,” Mr. Davis said.

“Watching the final minutes of the auction was very exciting with a number of lots going into extra time as customers fought to outbid each other. There were so many standouts it’s really hard to pick just one, but it was encouraging to see that people still appreciate and will pay for unique timber.”

This is the second online public auction that the FPC has held during COVID-19 restrictions and it’s another positive outcome.

Page reviewed 18 September 2020