COVID-19 coronavirus: Remote Aboriginal communities travel

What you need to know about travel restrictions and remote Aboriginal communities.


There are more than 200 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, across the Midwest, Gascoyne, Pilbara, Goldfields and Kimberley regions.

While restrictions on accessing Remote Aboriginal Communities (RACs) have lifted, some communities may still decide to enforce their own restrictions on people entering.

Information for visitors to remote communities

If you plan on visiting a RAC, do not turn up unannounced. You should always check with a community if there’s restrictions on entry and make sure you have any necessary approval to enter before travelling, especially if you are wanting to use amenities or be provided with food or fuel.

Contact visitor centres (external link) in each region for the latest travel information.

Information for people living in remote communities

Although restrictions on entering RACs have lifted, your community may still continue to enforce its own restrictions for people to enter.

Continue to protect yourself and your community against COVID-19 and the flu by:

  • staying up to date with your vaccinations
  • staying home when you’re unwell
  • washing your hands
  • covering coughs
  • physical distancing
  • wearing a mask when you need to or if it makes you feel more comfortable
  • cleaning surfaces often.

Map of remote Aboriginal communities

Page reviewed 17 August 2022