Apply for a grant to preserve, promote and protect Aboriginal sites

The program offers financial support to Aboriginal not-for-profit organisations to undertake projects that protect and preserve registered Aboriginal sites.

Applications have closed for the 2021/22 round of grants to protect Aboriginal sites. It is anticipated that that the next round of funding will commence accepting applications from August 2022. 

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Amounts of up to $30,000 are available for incorporated not-for-profit Aboriginal organisations managing sites listed on the Register of Aboriginal Places and Objects.

Well-maintained and promoted Aboriginal heritage enriches all Australians.

Previously funded projects include:

  • The remediation of burial sites,
  • Development and installation of interpretive signage,
  • Fencing, including repair and installation
  • Removal of invasive weeds, rubbish and graffiti
  • Digital promotion of cultural information for existing registered sites to a broader audience.
  • Employment and training opportunities to Aboriginal people in delivering on-the ground project work such as site Clean-up and Remediation
  • Historical research to identify and repatriate historical images and information connected to an existing registered aboriginal site.

Congratulations to the successful applicants for the 2021/22 funding round.

How to apply

The Department has developed a Guideline for Applicants to assist you with your application. We also recommend contacting the Department to discuss your project before you submit your application. Please call us on (08) 6551 7920 or email

Preserving our Aboriginal Sites - Application Form 2021-22
Preserving our Aboriginal Sites- Guideline for applicants 2021-22

Project eligibility

Grant applications will only be accepted for projects associated with ground works on heritage places that are Registered Sites on the Register of Places and Objects (the Register) at the time of applying. You can check which places are on the Register using the Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System.

How to nominate a site that is not currently on the Register of Places and Objects?

Any Aboriginal site that is not currently on the Register of Places and Objects will be required to be assessed and added to the Register before you can submit an application to the grants program. If you would like to submit an application for this program for an Aboriginal site that is not currently on the Register, please contact the Senior Projects Officer on (08) 6551 7920.

Who can apply?

Only incorporated Aboriginal not-for-profit organisations are eligible to apply. Individuals and government agencies (Local, State and Federal) are not eligible for grant funding through this program; however, joint submissions with other organisations may be made.

If a joint application is made, the eligible Aboriginal organisation must be listed as the applicant, with the other organisation(s) listed in the application form. An organisation that is not confident that it can manage any resultant funding may wish to partner with an organisation that will manage the financial aspects of the project (an auspicing body). The auspicing body must agree to receive the funds and to administer the grant in accordance with the terms and conditions of the signed grant agreement.

Project evaluation

Projects are required to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • Preservation and protection of an Aboriginal heritage site(s)
  • Sustainable, long-term heritage benefits
  • Public benefit and increased awareness of Aboriginal heritage
  • Opportunities and benefits for Aboriginal people and organisations

Find out more

If you have any queries regarding the grants program, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Projects Officer, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

Phone enquiries: (08) 6551 7920
Email enquiries:
Read the media statement: Media Statements - Aboriginal communities receive $250,000 to preserve cultural heritage

2021-22 Preserve, Promote and Protect our Aboriginal sites grant recipients

Albany Heritage Reference Group Aboriginal Corporation
(Great Southern - Albany) Albany Town Square + Mokare Burial Site Storytelling and Interpretation - $29,000.00

Re-creation of Dale’s panoramic painting in the Town Hall Square which includes traditional and contemporary Menang Noongar descriptions. A significant project which can be delivered in partnership with the City of Albany. (ID 21761 Albany Town Square).

Hotham River Aboriginal Corporation
(Peel - Boddington) Dilyan Burial Location Investigation - $23,782.88

Use of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to confirm the location of Dilyan’s gravesite near Boddington (ID 4298 Dilyan’s Grave).

Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation
(Pilbara) Wuyumarri (Gregory Gorge) Cultural Management Project - $30,000.00

Assessment and implementation of interpretive signage and fencing for a number of sites with accompanying Management Plan (numerous sites).

Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre
(Kimberley) Memorials for the Fitzroy Crossing Cemeteries - $23,000.00

Construction of plinth memorials to honour the old people who were relocated from Pioneer Cemetery to the newly Gazetted Cemetery (ID 12438 Pioneer Cemetery 1 and 2).

Marribank Aboriginal Corporation
(Great Southern - Katanning) Marribank Mission Complex Restoration - $28,213.01

Installation of CCTV cameras adjacent to access roads as a preventative measure against intruders (ID 4664 Marribank Settlement).

Ngardarrep Kiitj Aboriginal Corporation
(Wheatbelt - Kellerberrin) Old Jiriny Mission Project - $30,000.00

Site clean-up and fencing of mission site with traditional, historical and contemporary significance to the local community in the Wheatbelt region (ID 5070 Old Jiriny Mission).

Ngarluma Yindibarndi Foundation Ltd
(Pilbara) Bajinhurrba Promotion and Protection of Aboriginal Heritage Sites - $24,898.50

Proposed interpretive signage which recognises the Aboriginal significance of Cossack, paving of access ways and restoration of rock hides (Aboriginal site ID 925 Mt Dune Beach, ID 11536 Cossack Slaughter Yard).

Ngarluma Yindibarndi Foundation Ltd
(Pilbara) Promotion and Protection Works – Cossack Lazarre - $12,700.00

Vegetation control and signage to inform 4WD users and the general public to avoid Lazarrette foundations (ID 7083 Harding Mouth Camp, ID 941 Leprosarium Midden).

The Nomads Education and Charitable Trust
(Pilbara) Minyiburu Site Protection - $20,432.00

Fencing off of key cultural heritage site and signage to inform tourists of the 1946 Pilbara strike historical event (ID 38779 Minyiburu Songline; Tabba Tabba).

Walitj Aboriginal Corporation
(Great Southern - Frankland River) Yeriminup Gravesite Protection Project - $5,631.46

Replacement fencing of grave plots and site clean-up to clear overgrown weeds to afford greater respect to family members buried there (ID 4969 Yeriminup Burial 01)

Wattandee Littlewell Aboriginal Corporation
(Mid-West - Mingenew) Preserving Littlewell Significant Site - $22,342.15

Construction of a large pergola for all-weather cultural gatherings and Elder accessibility improvements near to the carpark and extension of existing heritage interpretation trail (ID 38796 Littlewell).

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