Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Planning and managing land and heritage for all Western Australians. Planning for our future, respecting our past, creating opportunities for today.

What we do

Formed in 2017, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage brings all land use and heritage responsibilities under the one umbrella to shape the future of our cities, regions and towns.

Responsible for state level land use planning and management, and oversight of Aboriginal cultural heritage and built heritage matters, the department supports three Ministers and administers a wide range of legislation.

We plan how to make best use of the State’s natural and built assets for the sustainable and responsible development of all Western Australian communities, through evidence-based research, integrated policy development and stakeholder engagement.

Our key focus areas are:

  • Aboriginal heritage and lands management
  • Crown land administration
  • historic heritage conservation services
  • integrated land and infrastructure policy development
  • land use planning and policy development.

The vast scope of our work ranges from managing much-loved State assets such as Fremantle Prison, to overseeing the Aboriginal Lands Trust and Crown land estates, to working closely with other state government departments on strategic government priorities such as METRONET.

Registrar of Aboriginal Sites

The Registrar of Aboriginal Sites is appointed under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (Act) to administer the day to day operations of the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee and also to perform other functions as allocated to the Registrar under the Act.

Australia: (08) 6551 8000
International: +61 8 6551 8000

Investigations unit

The Department’s Investigation Unit is responsible for investigating allegations of breaches of legislation that is administered by the Department. The Department administers a wide variety of Acts.

Offences the unit investigate include:

  • damage to or alteration of Aboriginal sites
  • building infrastructure without a permit on Crown land
  • commercial wood and tree cutting without a permit on Crown land
  • individuals felling trees and harvesting fallen trees or logs without a permit.

Penalties under the Acts vary and can include significant fines or imprisonment. It is important that we all do our bit to protect the valuable land and heritage in our State and ensuring compliance with legislation plays a key role in this.

Reporting a possible offence

You are encouraged to do your bit to help us investigate offences. If you believe you have witnessed an offence, you can report it to the Investigation Unit on 6551 8100 or 6551 7901, or email

When reporting an offence, please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • date of the incident
  • description of the incident
  • location of the incident - address, GPS coordinates or other identifying information
  • vehicle description, description of persons involved, and photographs or video
  • your contact details - so that the Investigation Unit can contact you for more information.

ABN information

ABN: 68 565 723 484

Ministerial reporting

Page reviewed 14 April 2021