Carnarvon Ministerial Advisory Committee

Carnarvon’s irrigation district is an important supplier of horticultural produce to Western Australia’s domestic market, especially in winter months, when approximately 60 per cent of Perth’s vegetables are supplied from the district.
Last updated: 20 September 2022

The Carnarvon Ministerial Advisory Committee was established in October 2013.

It was formed to provide advice to the WA Government to alleviate water shortages caused by the extended periods of no river flow and reduced grower access to water in high demand periods in the Lower Gascoyne.

The committee also oversaw strategic planning to ensure a strong and sustainable future for the Carnarvon irrigation precinct. This included the resolution of governance, infrastructure, water supply and water pricing issues to progress the Carnarvon agricultural sector over the next five years.

The committee delivered a strategic assessment on the future of the Gascoyne irrigation water supply system. This was developed over 20 months with input from Gascoyne Water, grower representatives, the Water Corporation, Department of Water, Department of Agriculture and Food, Gascoyne Development Commission.

You can access the committee’s final report, associated technical reports and the government response to the committee’s recommendations below.