More locations for Community Water Supplies Partnership program

The Community Water Supplies Partnership (CWSP) program has been extended to the South West and Great Southern to help more communities manage the impacts of the recent drought conditions.
  • Community Water Supplies Partnership (CWSP) program extended to more regional communities
  • $1.5 million expansion part of $8.6m Cook Labor Government funding package to help farmers manage the impact of drought conditions
  • Local Government authorities and community groups encouraged to apply

The Community Water Supplies Partnership (CWSP) program has been extended to the South West and Great Southern to help more communities manage the impacts of the recent drought conditions.

The $1.5 million dollar expansion is part of the Cook Labor Government's $8.6m support package for agricultural industries impacted by drought conditions, which includes a raft of measures such as hardship grants and interest-free loans.

This expansion will enable local governments and community groups in the South West and Great Southern to apply over the next six months for grants of up to $100,000 to contribute to new water security projects.

Previously, CWSP program grants were only available in dryland agricultural areas receiving fewer than 600 millimetres in average annual rainfall.

To date, more than $4.3m in funding has been committed to 37 local governments for projects to boost local community water supplies, supporting the establishment of reliable non-potable water supplies to meet emergency farmland and firefighting water needs.

Eligible water infrastructure works that can be considered under the CWSP program include:

  • Water tanks;
  • Pumps, power sources, pipes, and associated distribution systems;
  • Dam and catchment construction and or maintenance;
  • Standpipe and swipecards infrastructure;
  • Drilling of new bores, and;
  • Support for water carting equipment.

The launch of the expanded scheme coincides with the announcement that seven projects in our rural communities will receive a total of $409,034 in funding for new water security projects.

The Shire of Chittering will receive funding for two projects, including $69,241 to install two 100-kilolitre water tanks, a solar power array, submersible pump, pipe work, and one output pump and shed for each tank, utilising an existing bore.

The shire has been approved to receive $52,001 to install solar powered equipment and a pontoon mounted submersible pump at an existing soak site.

The Shire of Dandaragan will receive $66,900 in funding to provide an adequate supply of irrigation water to its Jurien Bay public open space areas and to help reduce salinity in current water sources.

The Shire of Esperance will receive $100,000 to upgrade the community water supply tanks in the Condingup townsite, while the Shire of Williams is receiving $17,735 to install a 110-kilolitre water tank which will provide a source of non-potable water for community use.

The Shire of Victoria Plains has been approved to receive $67,290, which will allow them to put in place a Strategic Water Plan.

The Shire of Yalgoo will receive $35,867 to install a solar pump and tank infrastructure to provide local volunteer firefighters with an easy access water source.

The Community Water Supplies Partnership program is jointly funded by the Cook Government and also through the Commonwealth Government's National Water Grid Connections Funding Program.

For more information and to apply, go to: Community Water Supplies Partnerships program | Western Australian Government (

Comments attributed to Water Minister Simone McGurk:

"The Community Water Supplies Partnership program has already provided more than $4.3m in funding to help local communities develop climate resilient community water supplies, and has achieved some fantastic results.

"The Cook Government's $1.5m boost to extend the program will help even more communities across the State adapt to changing rainfall patterns, helping them establish water security projects that conserve our most precious resource.

"I congratulate the six local governments who will benefit from this latest round of funding, and I urge other local government areas in the expanded program to apply."

Comments attributed to Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis:

"We know these recent hot, dry conditions are unlike anything communities in the South West and Great Southern have experienced before.

"That's why we're extending the Community Water Supplies Partnership program to those communities, so they can apply for up to $100,000 per project to develop off-farm community water supplies.

"As you can see from this recent round of projects, local governments are working alongside our Government to improve regional water infrastructure that benefits the whole community."

Comments attributed to Agricultural Region MLC Darren West:

"These projects allow regional communities to protect and further enhance their water supply and ultimately plan for a future where water is integral to how they live.

"The funding allows our regional communities to continue to thrive in knowing they have boosted community water security, and I congratulate the latest recipients."