Community Water Supplies Partnerships program

Funding for broadacre farming communities to establish or improve non-potable water supplies
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Our Community Water Supplies Partnerships (CWSP) program provides grants of up to $100,000 for community water supply improvements in dryland agricultural areas receiving fewer than 600 mm average annual rainfall.

The program aims to encourage the planning and establishment of reliable non-potable water supplies to meet emergency farmland and firefighting water needs and reduce scheme water use.

We work with local governments and rural communities to develop projects and guide them through the planning, assessment and implementation phases of the project.

The following broad project categories are eligible for funding under the program:

  • construction or enhancement of water supplies to meet emergency firefighting and farm needs
  • construction or enhancement of water supplies to improve townsite amenity and reduce scheme water use
  • refurbishment of strategic agricultural area water sources to meet emergency farmland water supply needs or improve townsite amenity.

Expansion of the Community Water Supplies Partnership program

The State Government is providing $1.5 million in additional funding to expand the CWSP to more regional communities. View the media statement.

The expansion of the CWSP will now apply to Local Government Authority (LGA) areas in the South West and Great Southern regions to assist them in managing the impacts of the recent dry season and climate change impacts on water resources. View the map of the expanded area.

LGAs and community groups that are incorporated bodies will be able to apply as per the existing CWSP requirements. All applications must have the support of the LGA, and the application form must be signed by the LGA Mayor or President and Chief Executive Officer.

The expansion of the CWSP supports projects that will increase water availability for emergency livestock and firefighting, to better prepare our regional communities for periods of low rainfall. It can also ensure that water is available for public amenities to reduce reliance on potable water supplies for non-potable needs.

Eligible water infrastructure works that can be considered under this scheme include:

  • water tanks
  • pumps, power sources, pipes and associated distribution systems
  • dam and catchment construction and or maintenance
  • standpipe and swipe cards infrastructure
  • drilling of new bores
  • support for water carting equipment.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s Rural Water Planning team can be contacted to discuss project ideas if you require further information on eligibility.

For more information on the expansion of the CWSP, please refer to the frequently asked questions or information for applicants.

Applications for funding

Applications for projects under the expansion of the CWSP for additional LGA areas will open from 13 May 2024 and close 11 November 2024, or until funds are exhausted. 

For information on the timing of funding rounds please contact our rural water planning team on 1800 780 300 or email

How do I submit an application?

Applications need to be submitted via the SmartyGrants link. Please contact for the link.