Government and the community services sector

Community services organisations play an important role in the well being of our State.

​They serve the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community and add immeasurably to the quality of life and social fabric many of us take for granted. These organisations promote active involvement in our society and engage people in a common mission to make our community a better place. For these reasons, it is important that government recognises the true value of these organisations as service providers, and strives to facilitate and assist their good work. 

To meet the needs of the community, Western Australian government agencies seek to improve outcomes for all Western Australians by building a genuine partnership between the public and community services sectors in the policy, planning and delivery of community services in Western Australia. For this reason the Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy was introduced in July 2011 and updated in September 2018. 

Finding opportunities and using Tenders WA

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Tenders WA is the central source of information on the WA Government’s tenders and contract awards.

All government agencies use Tenders WA to advertise Requests, Requests for comment, early notice of tenders and contract awards. 

Community services Requests can be searched on the Tenders WA website and in most cases you can download the Request information from Tenders WA yourself. 

You can also contact the person nominated in the Request document or the Tenders Office and ask them to mail a copy of the Request document to you.  

Many government agencies also have regional offices where Request documents may be available. Contact the office directly to confirm if the Request documents are available to be picked up in person.  

How can Funding and Contracting Services help me?

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The Department of Finance’s Funding and Contracting Services (FaCS) guides and supports both the public and community services sectors on how to implement the DCSP Policy.

FaCS supports both sectors by: 

  • providing advice and assistance on what the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy (DCSP Policy) includes, how it is delivered, and the contracting process and requirements
  • helping government agencies with planning, strategy and engaging with stakeholders
  • coordinating education and training programs and guides to raise awareness and understanding of the policy and its best practice
  • maintaining standardised and simplified buying and contracting templates and guides
  • developing initiatives to build strong relationships with and improve the capability of the community services sector
  • reporting to government and the Supporting Communities Forum on the effectiveness of the DCSP Policy and identifying and responding to key issues related to community services

We are responsible for developing a suite of Request and service agreement documents that can be used across the Western Australian public sector. Finance can also be involved in some aspects of the service agreement process, including offering buying and contracting advice and support to other government agencies, and support to community service organisations. 

If you are successful in tendering for a community service with a particular government agency, your service agreement will be with that government agency alone, not with Finance. 

Training opportunities and support resources

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Finance offers regular training for community services service providers on a range of topics including understanding the tender process and how to price your services.

The Funding and Contracting Services Bulletin is a regular e-newsletter offering the latest information about grants, training and all things relevant to community services service providers. You can view previous issues and subscribe for e-newsletters by contacting the Funding and Contracting Services team.

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