Aboriginal Procurement Policy Implementation Guide

This Guide gives information on implementing the Aboriginal Procurement Policy and explains how reporting of the targets will be managed.

As announced by the Minister for Finance on 27 May 2020, we have implemented temporary changes to the procurement thresholds to maximise contracting opportunities for local businesses and support economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are purchasing from a local business, you can now choose to make a direct purchase up to $250,000 (previously $50,000) or invite quotes up to $500,000 (previously $250,000).

The raised thresholds are available until 31 December 2020 and allow you to streamline the procurement process with local businesses. If you are not purchasing from a local business, the original thresholds apply.

The Aboriginal Procurement Policy Implementation Guide assists government agencies to meet the targets set out in the Aboriginal Procurement Policy.

The Policy mandates progressive targets for the award of WA Government contracts to Aboriginal businesses and applies to all contracts valued $50,000 and above (includes GST and all extension options). The targets apply to all government agencies when purchasing goods, services, community services and works. The Policy is intended to apply to Government Trading Enterprises.


Page reviewed 2 June 2020