Bullsbrook Freight and Industrial District Structure Plan

This structure plan aims to provide a clear strategic vision for future development of the industrial land, service infrastructure and transport requirements to support the proposed Bullsbrook IMT and provide for long-term employment opportunities.

The District Structure Plan will:

  • assess existing and likely demand for industrial land as well as the opportunity and constraints of industrial land use within the study area
  • consider potential land use conflicts and manage the interface between communities and freight corridors and industrial development
  • ensure successful integration of the proposed IMT site and surrounding industrial and employment lands with transport infrastructure, to support a safe and efficient strategic freight transport network
  • identify broad land use precincts to guide further detailed structure planning for the area
  • provide a framework for use by State and Local Governments and stakeholders to inform the preparation of local structure plans and to guide future amendments to the Metropolitan Region Scheme and local planning scheme.

The Bullsbrook freight and industrial structure plan information sheet has been updated to include the summary of community consultation feedback, and revised timelines to reflect additional technical studies that are required to address issues raised through stakeholder consultation.


Bullsbrook Freight and Industrial District Structure Plan Information Sheet
Page reviewed 1 December 2021