Land tax information for agents

Information for settlement agents and managing agents.
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For RevenueWA to discuss matters regarding a client’s land tax, you must be properly authorised as the client’s agent and be able to provide evidence of this authorisation.

Settlement agents

You can provide the attached information sheet to your clients to explain how land tax is imposed and what they need to do.

Before settlement, you can request a Certificate of Land Tax Charges which will detail the outstanding tax applied to a lot of land. The certificate includes both the proportionate land tax and the single ownership figure.

  • A Certificate of Land Tax Charges issued before an assessment will always be an estimate.
  • Contact the Recovery Branch if a certificate is issued for a property that has a memorial registered against it.

Receive the certificate by lodging a liability enquiry through Landgate, or contact us for a paper-based application form. The fee for an enquiry is $50.35.

Managing agents

Contact us to formally advise us you are managing a property by submitting a land tax enquiry (select the subcategory 'Managing Agent').

Attach a signed letter from the owners confirming you have been appointed as their managing agent for their specific landholdings. The letter must authorise RevenueWA to send all future land tax notices for that land and any other land held in the same ownership directly to your office.

RevenueWA issues assessments for all land under a single Client ID. We cannot separate the assessment into single landholdings for the same client. Use the land tax calculator to find the land tax on a single ownership basis.

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