Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Guidance: Land tenure for large scale renewable hydrogen projects

Information for proponents on gaining access to land for large-scale renewable hydrogen projects
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The Western Australian Government supports the development of large-scale renewable hydrogen projects as they have the potential to:

  • result in economic activities in regional areas,
  • provide jobs during construction and skilled long-term jobs in regional towns,
  • provide opportunities for Aboriginal people through jobs and leveraging their native title rights and interests,
  • reduce the carbon footprint in the State and support the State Government’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050,
  • offer downstream manufacturing opportunities such as ‘green steel’,
  • offer an appropriate use of land assets, while providing opportunities for pastoralists, and
  • co-exist (except for areas of high-density infrastructure) with mining and other land interests.

This Guidance document aims to provide certainty and clarity for renewable hydrogen project proponents as they seek to gain access to land and legal tenure for their projects.

A policy has also been developed which sets out a preferred, transparent and timely process for managing situations where there are competing projects proposed for the same areas of land.