WST87 Iron Man Gypsum treatment

Research and analysis
Iron Man Gypsum treatment: reducing phosphate losses from soils used for dairy production (Water Science Technical series, report no. 87 Yoongarillup Downs experiment 2022)

Healthy Estuaries WA (2020 to 2024) and Revitalising Geographe Waterways are programs funded by the Government of Western Australia’s Royalties for Regions, building on the work of the Regional Estuaries Initiative (2016 to 2020). These programs aim to improve the health of South West estuaries by reducing nutrient losses from their catchments. This report presents the first scientific findings from research into innovative remediation options to treat high-nutrient-loss soils in catchments – supported by the three programs.


Water Science Technical series, report no. 87
Page reviewed 14 October 2022