COVID-19 coronavirus: Contact registers for patrons

Information about the contact information patrons need to provide when visiting particular businesses and venues, and why.

Last updated: 9 December 2020 at 9.04am

Mandatory contact registers

Particular businesses and venues are required to maintain a contact register by collecting contact details of patrons attending their premises, including customers, staff, contractors and visitors.

Details that need to be collected include the location, date, name, telephone number and arrival time of each patron.

Businesses have the right to deny entry to their premises if you refuse to provide valid contact information.

Where must I check in?

A list of businesses and venues required to keep a contact register is available on the Contact registers for businesses and venues page.

Checking in to venues

It is up to each business how they collect contact information and maintain their contact register, either digitally or in a paper-based format.

The WA Government has developed a free app, SafeWA, which is a convenient, safe and secure way for businesses to collect the relevant contact information. The use of this app is not mandatory, but it is encouraged.

If you download the SafeWA app, you can check in by scanning the QR code using your mobile phone at venues that also use the app.

Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

See the SafeWA guide for patrons for more information about using SafeWA.


Your contact information is only accessible to authorised WA Health personnel and will not be provided to any other Government entity or third party marketing agency.

You should not be refused entry to a venue if you do not use the SafeWA app. Businesses are required to provide an alternative method (including a paper-based or digital form) for patrons to provide their contact details.

Page reviewed 9 December 2020