Western Australian Export Awards: application information

Eligibility criteria and categories for organisations to apply for these awards
Last updated: 30 May 2023

Applications opened on 2 May 2023. WA entries close on 14 June 2023 at 11.30pm AWST. 

Application information 

WA Exports of the Year award 2023 - square
  • The Awards program operates as a 2-tier process and is run in partnership with Austrade.
  • Applications are via each individual State and Territory Export Awards program.
  • Each program will have 13 or more categories (only winners in the 13 national categories automatically proceed to become an Australian Export Awards finalist). 
  • Only submit an application in one State or Territory Export Awards program.
  • The application can only be submitted in the state or territory program where the organisation’s head office is located or where the majority of operations are established. 

Application criteria, tips and FAQs

Applications for the 2023 Western Australian Export Awards are invited from organisations that meet the criteria business, product or service and financial criteria. The scoring is weighted, and we have tips and information on what judges are looking for below. 

Who can apply

Businesses who:

  • Earn foreign exchange. 
  • Hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN). 
  • Operate as a separate business if part of a larger organisation. 
  • Maintain appropriate business ethics and demonstrate a commitment to legal obligations including anti-bribery laws and laws to combat modern slavery, both in Australia and overseas markets. 
  • Government entities as defined in the “A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999” are not eligible, except where they are registered education and training providers. 
  • Sponsors of a State or Territory Export Awards program or the Australian Export Awards program are not eligible to apply. 

What products or services are exported to be eligible to enter

The product or service exported must include significant (at least 50 per cent) Australian content or value-add, this may include: 

  • goods made in Australia from Australian primary products
  • goods made overseas, mainly using Australian primary products
  • goods made in Australia from Australian and imported components
  • goods elaborately transformed in Australia
  • goods made overseas using substantial Australian value-add, intellectual property (IP) or know-how, including design
  • services delivered in Australia to foreign individuals or entities; and 
  • services delivered overseas using substantial Australian value-add, IP or know-how. 

Financial records to be eligible to enter

  • The applicant must demonstrate that they deliver net foreign economic returns to the Australian economy: 'net return' to Australia in terms of profit repatriation and creation of employment in Australia. 
  • Applicants must provide 3 years of export sales, unless they are applying for an Emerging Exporter Award.  
  • Applications containing inadequate financial details will not be accepted. 
  • Applicants that are unable to provide export sales for the 2020/21 financial year must demonstrate an outstanding business outcome that supported their export efforts.  

Tips for applying

Here are some helpful tips to submitting your application: 

  • Read through the questions! 
  • Have all necessary data to hand prior to starting your application
  • All applications must be submitted online via exportawards.gov.au 
  • Regularly save your online application
  • Don’t assume that the judges are already aware of your organisation, its products or successes
  • The financial details are important as well as how the business has achieved sustainable growth overseas
  • Focus on your international business success, emphasising your achievements in the current financial year (2022/23)
  • Use actual examples where possible to demonstrate your responses
  • Answers can be in bullet point form
  • You can edit your responses at any time until applications close

Here is a summary of the score weighting of the questions: 

Section number Section name Number of questions Score weighting %
Section 1 Business details 4 0%
Section 2 National award category selection 1 0%
Section 3 Introduce your company 1 0%
Section 4 About your business and products or services 2 25%
Section 5-17 Category specific questions Varying 0%
Section 18 International business and marketing strategy 4 40%
Section 19  Business management 9 25%
Section 20 International business future direction 1 10%
Section 21 Attachments NA 0%

To preview the questions and score weighting visit the Export Awards website

Judging criteria

Areas of focus include:

  • Evidence of sustainable competitive advantage
  • Export success and growth potential
  • Leadership and innovation in international business and marketing strategies
  • Commitment to diversity, inclusion, sustainability and/or positive social impact
  • Value and contribution of exports to business expansion
  • Overall commitment to growth in international business

For more details on what the judges are looking for in your Exports of the Year Awards application visit the judging criteria web page

Frequently asked questions

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission have information on frequently asked questions such as can you apply in multiple categories, can I edit my application after submitting it, what are judges looking for and more. 

See all the frequently asked questions on the Export Awards website