Aboriginal Engagement and Community Policy

Provides strategic policy advice and guidance on a wide range of key government programs, projects and priorities.
Last updated: 28 October 2021

The Aboriginal Engagement and Community Policy consists of two main areas:

  • The Aboriginal Engagement Directorate focusing on driving systemic change across Government with an objective to improve the economic prosperity and wellbeing of Aboriginal people and communities in Western Australia; and
  • the Community Policy unit which provides support to the Premier and Cabinet to achieve their economic, social and wellbeing objectives by leading and coordinating cross government policy development and implementation advice on social policy matters, with a particular focus on tackling long term problems and supporting Western Australia’s recovery from COVID-19.

The Directorates work closely together to capitalise on synergies and ensure enhanced and complementary outcomes are achieved for all WA communities.


  • Contributing to the development and implementation of plans for Western Australia’s social and economic recovery, in collaboration with the Public Sector Commission, other directorates in the department and relevant agencies.
  • Providing policy advice to the Premier and Cabinet in key areas of social policy to support the delivery of integrated, evidence based cross government approaches that deliver better outcomes for Western Australians.
  • Leading, coordinating and supporting the implementation of specific election commitments and government priorities, which require cross-agency or whole-of-government action.
  • Providing policy advice, guidance and support to State government agencies to improve the effectiveness of their initiatives to improve Western Australia’s economic and social wellbeing.

The Community Policy Unit is responsible for supporting the following committees:

  • Directors General Implementation Group (DGIG) - directs and implements social policies across government.
  • Justice Planning and Reform Committee (JPRC) - provides strategic direction on the development of a sector-wide justice reform plan and its implementation.
  • Supporting Communities Forum - supports implementation of the Government's Supporting Communities Policy and its commitment to work in partnership with the community services sector in the delivery of quality services to Western Australians in need of support.