Collie Delivery Unit

The Collie Delivery Unit coordinates, oversees and promotes activities and initiatives that support the future prosperity of Collie.

The Collie region faces significant economic and social adjustment pressures arising from a continued decline in demand for coal and coal-fired electricity generation.

The WA Government is working to manage the shift away from coal-powered energy, to encourage new opportunities and to maintain the community’s trust and engagement in its economic future as a critical whole-of-government priority.

Premier Mark McGowan in front of a large mural Collie

In recognition of the priority of this work and specifically of the need for cross-government collaboration, the Collie Delivery Unit (CDU) was established.

The State Government has also committed to a Just Transition for Collie, based on international evidence that suggests working together at a regional level can improve overall outcomes for impacted communities including through re-skilling and job placements in nearby industries.

The WA Government has committed more than $662 million in funding to drive economic diversification and create jobs in the Collie region. This is helping the region to transition to a more sustainable economy with employment across a greater range of industries and a reduced reliance on any one sector.

For further information on the Collie region, including business or investment opportunities, read about the latest updates and opportunities on Collie’s Just Transition. Alternatively, you can direct enquiries to the Collie Delivery Unit at

Page reviewed 24 November 2022