Western Australian Domain Name Administrator

Overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Western Australian Government Domain Provider.
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The Office of Digital Government (DGov) is the Domain Provider for the Western Australian (WA) Government, and has the delegated authority to assess individual domain name applications for the WA Government.

The WA Government domain - wa.gov.au is reserved for use by entities within the WA Government.

DGov as the WA Domain Name Administrator (WA DNA) has responsibility for the following:

  • delegated authority for the wa.gov.au domain name registration and renewal
  • custodianship and administration of WA DNA IP range (
  • allocation and management of WA DNA IP range subnet to WA government entities
  • management, administration and the hosting of the 'parent' 167.30 reverse DNS zone; and
  • WA representative to the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) for all matters relating to Australian Government domain governance.

wa.gov.au domain name registration and renewal

How to apply for or renew a wa.gov.au domain name, including instructions on how to change existing wa.gov.au name servers.

To register a new domain name, complete the wa.gov.au domain name application form.

Your request must comply with all applicable Commonwealth and Western Australian domain names standards.

As the registrant or domain account holder of a wa.gov.au domain name, you can:

  • change the name servers of an existing wa.gov.au domain name.

The name server change form provides options to choose the implementation time, standard change, scheduled change or emergency change.

WA DNA runs a regular report of expiring domain names and will contact the registrants to initiate domain name removal if necessary.

WA DNA IP subnet allocation request

How to apply for an an IP subnet allocation.

Fill in the WA DNA IP subnet allocation request form to submit a request for an allocation of 167.30 IP address (subnet) for your agency or government entity.

The requesting agency is required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WA DNA for the IP subnet.

WA DNA reverse DNS entry request

How to request for a reverse DNS entry.

If your are a GovNext-ICT customer and the IP address was allocated to you by one of the GovNext-ICT Primes, please direct the request to your provider (Atos, Datacom or NEC). 

You can only request for a reverse DNS entry if you have an allocated WA DNA 167.30 IP subnet range.

To request for a reverse DNS entry, complete the WA DNA reverse DNS entry request form.