Domain Name Standard

Establishes the governance framework for the administration and management of the domain.

The Domain Name Standard operates in conjunction with the broader Australian Government Domain Name Policy.

WA public sector agencies are required to apply to the Office of Digital Government for all new domain names.

The standard aims to:

  • reduce the proliferation of domain names
  • govern and manage the creation of domain names
  • enforce the use of the in the Western Australian public sector
  • promote the WA Government brand for all Western Australian public sector online information and services, and present them as the authoritative sources of trusted and accurate content.

The standard is part of the Digital Services Policy Framework that underpins the Digital Services Policy

Digital Services Policy Framework

This information forms part of the Digital Services Policy Framework (DSPF) which provides guidance for agencies in the delivery of digital services, including websites. Guidance materials will be added to the DSPF as we progress with the whole of government digital services portal, referred to as ServiceWA (Digital).

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