Mandurah Area Odours

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) has received and is responding to odour complaints from residents in the Mandurah area.
Last updated: 10 January 2023

In 2016, DWER carried out the Mandurah Odour Investigation (MOI), which comprised odour field surveys in Mandurah and surrounding suburbs and inspections of 11 local licensed facilities with potential to contribute to odour emissions. These included wastewater treatment plants, waste transfer stations, landfills, composting operations and piggeries.

The outcome of the odour surveys and inspections identified three licensed sites in Nambeelup that required further investigation as well as several natural sources of odour including Black Swan Lake, Goegrup Lake and sections of the Serpentine River. These natural odours are likely to increase during summer when organic matter breaks down from dried and potentially odorous lake floors or river banks that are exposed to the air and sun.

DWER undertook a risk-based review of licences held by WA Composts Pty Ltd (L8410), Mushroom Exchange Pty Ltd (L7210) and Derby Industries Pty Ltd (L6932), and in 2018 each licence was amended to include additional conditions relating to controls for odour and waste acceptance, storage and management.

What is Happening Now?

DWER is continuing to work with the Licence Holders to ensure conditions of the amended licences are complied with.

In 2019 DWER commenced additional investigations to build on the 2016 MOI. Progress of the current study has been delayed due to COVID-19 however, the aim is to confirm known sources from the 2016 MOI and to identify any new potential industrial or natural sources of odour in the area. DWER is currently reviewing its approach to odour investigations in the Mandurah area and further updates regarding ongoing investigations will be made to this page.

DWER continues to investigate odour complaints from the community. Community residents are reminded that it is important to report odour impacts at the time that they occur by calling the Pollution Watch Hotline on 1300 784 782. The online reporting tool can be used to lodge complaints after the impact has occurred.

More information

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