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The ServiceWA app is a free, secure and convenient mobile application provided by the Western Australian Government to help connect you with WA State Government services.
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What is the ServiceWA app?

The ServiceWA App has a new look! You can now personalise your home screen and be ready for summer by receiving bushfire warnings, accessing the latest weather data and keeping informed about shark sightings. 

The new FishCatchWA service gives recreational fishers a streamlined way to voluntarily track and analyse demersal catches in real-time, while supporting the recovery of valued demersal scalefish in the West Coast region.

Watch this space for more information to come.

The ServiceWA app helps you connect with State Government services. It is designed for Australian residents or citizens who live in WA or are regularly visiting WA.

The ServiceWA app allows you to activate and access the following WA Government services in one place:

  • Unclaimed Money – Check for money that may be owed to you by WA organisations and government agencies that can be returned to you.
  • Emergency WA’s bushfire warning notifications – Receive bushfire warning notifications based on your current location.
  • Weather Stations – Access timely, detailed and local weather data for growers and regional communities to make informed decisions.
  • SharkSmartWA – Stay informed about the latest reported sightings and other advice.
  • FuelWatch – Find the best fuel price deal across WA via their interactive map.

Privacy and security are our priority. The ServiceWA app uses Digital Identity for an individual’s verification for particular services, meaning only you can access these services. You may want to set up your Digital Identity before you use the ServiceWA app.

The ServiceWA app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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To access some services in the ServiceWA app you will need a Digital Identity

Creating your Digital Identity is a safe, secure and convenient way to prove your identity online, and you need this to access some services in the ServiceWA app.

For information and a step-by-step guide on how to create your Digital Identity, visit the Australian Government’s Digital Identity website.

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