Find a job in government

Search for job vacancies on the West Australian Government jobs board.

Search for vacancies by occupation, agency, salary range, classification level, location or region, work type or keyword.

Jobs are added daily by agencies, and removed according to the closing date of vacancies.

You can limit vacancies shown based on whether they have been advertised within the last day, last two days, last week, last two weeks or last month.

To view all vacancies on the jobs board you can click search without making any selections in the search box.

You can also create a search profile to receive emails that notify you of advertised vacancies according to your customised criteria.

The Recruitment Advertisement Management System (RAMS) is used by agencies to advertise vacancies on the Jobs WA website. Technical queries regarding RAMS should be emailed to the RAMS Helpdesk at

Page reviewed 11 March 2020
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