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Bayulu remediation project generates ongoing employment.
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Group photo of the Bayulu remediation project team, including community workers and MCG representatives.

Image: Bayulu remediation project team, including community workers and MCG representatives.

Seven Bayulu community residents now have prospective employment opportunities following their completion of plant operator training (RTO accredited) as part of the Bayulu remediation project.

The remediation project is part of the Essential and Municipal Services Upgrade Program (EMSUP), a $52 million Royalties for Regions initiative aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people living in select remote communities.

Bayulu, located approximately 10 kilometres south of Fitzroy Crossing, was one of the first three EMSUP communities to receive water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades. However, before upgrades could take place, the site required clearance of contamination and other potential risks to human health.

Contractors Merit Consulting Group (MCG) – in partnership with Aurora Environmental – along with the Fitzroy valley resource agency Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation (MWW), engaged with seven local residents to be employed for the project.

The seven received certified training in asbestos handling and removal, as well as the operation of earth moving equipment, and put their skills to use for the 14-week duration of the project.

Jacinta Thompson, EMSUP Acting Project Manager (Department of Communities) says this opportunity has paved the way for job growth.

“One of the reasons why the Department of Communities engaged with MCG was their experience in working with Aboriginal communities in remote areas and a willingness to provide as many training and employment opportunities as possible,” she said.

“MWW and the Bayulu Board of Directors (community council) were also instrumental, as they identified and proposed the workers to MCG and this has led to a fantastic outcome for those engaged to work on the Bayulu remediation.

“The workers have been supported throughout the process, secured trade skills and have shown their willingness to work hard, learn and grow different skill sets and are now motivated to maintain work.

“The skills gained by these community members will be easily transferable for a number of jobs and the EMSUP team is eager to identify further opportunities.

“The seven Bayulu workers are already on track to continue with MCG on an upcoming project in the Pilbara – this is a fantastic achievement.”

EMSUP is a multi-agency program, led by the Department of Communities.