Department of Communities

The Department of Communities brings together vital services and functions that enable individual, family and community wellbeing. Our committed people come to work every day to make a positive difference to the lives of Western Australians, including some of our most vulnerable citizens.
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Inaugural meeting paves way for new WA Youth Action Plan

Yesterday, the Communities’ Youth team hosted the inaugural Youth Action Plan Interagency Working Group workshop - to discuss the findings from the consultation process with young people across the state. These insights helped to identify key priority areas for the 2024 Youth Action Plan.

What we do

We provide services and partner with others to keep children safe; deliver social and public housing; deliver vital community services, including in emergencies; address homelessness; prevent family and domestic violence; provide stewardship for disability services; and drive the agenda for women's interests, youth, seniors and ageing, carers, and volunteering.

Our outcomes

As a purpose-led organisation our outcomes focus on long-term success and realisation of our vision. Our outcomes define the changes that will occur as a result of the supports we provide. Each day we are working towards:

  1. Strong families
  2. Care for children
  3. Inclusive communities
  4. A place to call home
  5. Resilient people and communities
  6. A great place to work

Our outcomes are defined in our Strategic Direction Statement 2022-25.

View our Strategic Direction Statement

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