Northern Territory to move to ‘extreme risk’ under WA’s controlled border

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The Northern Territory will transition from ‘high risk’ to ‘extreme risk’ under WA’s controlled border from 12:01am, Thursday 13 January, 2022.
Map of Australia including NZ on an purple background explaining NT has moved to extreme risk

Based on the latest health advice, the Northern Territory (NT) will be elevated to an ‘extreme risk’ jurisdiction under WA’s controlled border arrangements from 12:01am, Thursday 13 January, 2022.

Travel into WA from the NT is currently not permitted unless you are an approved traveller and receive approval to enter via G2G Pass.

Under the ‘extreme risk’ category, the list of approved travellers is significantly reduced, and includes: 

  • Commonwealth and State officials
  • Members of Parliament and Diplomats
  • Time critical specialists whose skills are not otherwise available in WA or those with extraordinary circumstances approved by the State Emergency Coordinator or the Chief Health Officer.

Approved travellers are subject to the following conditions, unless otherwise advised:

  • be double dose vaccinated against COVID-19, if eligible
  • undertake hotel quarantine at a State facility for 12 days at their expense, with a further two days at a suitable premise, if eligible
  • get tested for COVID-19 within 24 hours of arrival and on days five and 13.

The Chief Health Officer will continue to monitor and review border controls.

For more information, visit the Controlled border page.

Page reviewed 12 January 2022