Whole of System Plan

The Whole of System Plan provides a 20-year outlook on the future of our main electricity system.

Whole of System Planning provides an informed view on what Western Australia’s principal electricity system, the South West Interconnected System, might look like over the coming decades. The Whole of System Plan is a detailed study of how our major power system may evolve over the next 20 years.

Using data provided by industry, the plan models four scenarios of how changes in demand, technology, and the economy may shape the way we use electricity and guide the investments we make over the coming decades to achieve lowest-cost, lower-emissions electricity.

The Whole of System Plan

To support the  Whole of System Plan (WOSP) Report, an Information Sheet provides an overview of the methodology and input assumptions are used to model the four Whole of System Plan scenarios: Cast Away, Groundhog Day, Techtopia and Double Bubble. 

Appendix A contains the modelling methodology and assumptions and Appendix B provides the Assumptions Workbook in Excel format. Appendix C details modelling outputs and commentary and Appendix C - Modelling outputs provides a modelling workbook in excel format.

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Whole of System Plan - Consultation

The Whole of System Plan modelling inputs have been developed and tested via more than 70 meetings with energy sector stakeholders. This includes one-on-one meetings with industry participants, investors and advocacy groups.

Stakeholders have provided feedback on the modelling scenarios and the various inputs and assumptions. In many cases, stakeholders  shared critical data such as operating costs, expected returns and plant characteristics. This information helped to improve the quality of the WOSP modelling inputs and therefore the robustness of modelling outputs.

As some of this information is confidential, it has not been included in the Information Paper or Assumptions Workbook below.

Whole of System Plan - Industry Forum Presentation
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