Energy Transformation Strategy

The Energy Transformation Strategy is the Government's work program to ensure the delivery of secure, reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity to Western Australians for years to come.

Traditionally, electricity has been supplied to consumers through a linear chain of generation, transmission, distribution and retail. This was characterised by large generators far from demand centres, and high voltage transmission lines to deliver electricity into the low voltage system which connected to customers.


Traditional Electricity Supply Chain

Traditional Electricity Supply Chain

In recent years, we have experienced an unprecedented transition in the way electricity is supplied and used. More households and small businesses than ever are installing solar photovoltaic and battery systems to take control of their electricity bills. In fact, over a quarter of Western Australian households have already installed a solar system. At the same time, large-scale renewable generators are supplying an increasing amount of our electricity needs.

New Electricity Supply Chain

New Electricity Supply Chain

Large and small-scale renewables and batteries offer great opportunities for low cost, low emissions energy. However, the intermittent and uncontrolled nature of these energy sources is presenting challenges to maintain the security, reliability and affordability of the power system, particularly in the South West Interconnected System (the largest interconnected power system in Western Australia).

To manage these challenges, on 6 March 2019, the Hon Bill Johnston MLA, Minister for Energy announced the Government’s Energy Transformation Strategy. This is the Western Australian Government’s strategy to respond to the energy transformation underway and to plan for the future of our power system.

The first stage of work under the Energy Transformation Strategy was led by the Energy Transformation Taskforce over the period May 2019 to May 2021 and you can find more information on this on our web page: Energy Transformation Strategy: 2019 - 2021

On 14 July 2021, the Hon Bill Johnston MLA, Minister for Energy launched the next stage of the Energy Transformation Strategy, to be led by Energy Policy WA. For more information read the WA Government's media statement Energy Policy WA boosted to transform and modernise WA energy sector or find an overview of the next phase in our publication below Leading Western Australia's Energy Transformation.


Page reviewed 25 August 2021