Taskforce publications

The Energy Transformation Taskforce completed its work in May 2021 and has published information papers and newsletters on the delivery of the Energy Transformation Strategy.
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Program Implementation Plan

Delivering the Future Power System

Following consultation, the Energy Transformation Taskforce will make decisions on elements of market and regulatory design. These decisions will form the basis for draft market rules and regulations.

Taskforce decisions, information papers and consultation drafts of rules and regulations will be published here as they are completed.

On 24 November 2020 the Minister for Energy, Hon Bill Johnston MLA Gazetted the ‘Tranche 1’ Amending Wholesale Electricity Market Rules, a major milestone in the delivery of the Energy Transformation Strategy. The Tranche 1 Amending Rules comprise:

  • a revised suite of Generator Performance Standards for the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) and related monitoring and compliance framework;
  • clarified Frequency Operating Standards for the SWIS, relocated from the Technical Rules to the WEM Rules;
  • a new framework for classifying and managing Contingency Events; and
  • administrative changes to the WEM Rules to improve their clarity (mostly through changes to naming conventions).

The Tranche 1 Amending Rules have been reflected in the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules, which are available (along with those Tranche 1 Amending Rules that have not yet commenced) on the Rule Change Panel website here

The Minister for Energy's Notice in the Government Gazette is available here

Issue Information Paper/
Taskforce Decision
Draft Rules/
Foundational Market Parameters            X            X
Improving the Technical Rules Change Management Process            X            X
Scheduling and Dispatch (Energy)            X            X
Power System Constraints Equations Governance Framework            X            X
Essential System Services Technical Framework            X            X
Essential System Services Acquisition Framework - Frequency Control            X            X
Foundation Settings for Market Settlement            X  
Scheduling and Dispatch (Essential System Services)            X            X
Essential System Services Acquisition Framework - Locational Services    
Outage Management            X           X
Market Power Mitigation            X  
Generator Performance Standards            X            X
Market Information            X  
Market Settlement–Implementation of five-minute settlement, uplift payments and Essential System Services settlement            X           X
Registration and Participation Framework            X  
Generator Performance Standards - Transitional Arrangements            X           X
Frequency Operating Standards            X           X
Operating States and Credible Contingency Events              X           X
Power System Security and Reliability Standards Framework              X  
Non-Cooptimised Essential System Services Framework             X  


Whole of System Plan

Whole of System Planning provides an informed view on what Western Australia’s principal electricity system, the South West Interconnected System, might look like over the coming decades. The Whole of System Plan is a detailed study of how our major power system may evolve over the next 20 years.

Using data provided by industry, the plan models four scenarios of how changes in demand, technology, and the economy may shape the way we use electricity and guide the investments we make over the coming decades to achieve lowest-cost, lower-emissions electricity.

The Whole of System Plan was launched on 12 October 2020 and is available below, and on the Brighter Energy Future website.

Whole of System Plan - Consultation

The Energy Transformation Taskforce published two Information Papers on the Whole of System Plan.

These papers reflect extensive engagement and testing with the energy sector on the modelling scenarios and the various inputs and assumptions. 

Distributed Energy Resources

Information papers and material relevant to this work stream are available for downloading below.

The DER Roadmap was published in April 2020 and is available on the Brighter Energy Future website.

Changes to the Electricity Networks Access Code

Changes to the Electricity Networks Access Code 2004 (Access Code) are required to support the delivery of the Energy Transformation Strategy. These changes are being delivered in two stages. Stage one involved a broad review of the Access Code, completed in September 2020.

Information on these stage one changes and the related stakeholder consultation process are available at the Changes to the Electricity Networks Access Code page.

Stage two involves changes to the Access Code to facilitate the constrained network access regime, as well as the bringing forward of previously deferred revenue for Western Power and other minor amendments. Information on these changes can be found above, under the Improving Access to the Western Power Network work stream.

Foundation Regulator Frameworks – Consultation Summary

The Foundation Regulatory Frameworks Consultation Summary Report presents an overview of the work packages and stakeholder consultation processes undertaken by the Foundation Regulatory Frameworks (FRF) work stream of the Energy Transformation Implementation Unit.  

FRF delivered a comprehensive work program to improve access to Western Power’s network and implement improvements to the operation of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM). This included substantial amendments to the WEM Rules and to the Electricity Networks Access Code 2004. These modifications were needed to meet the challenges and capture the opportunities presented by increasing levels of renewable generation in the South West Interconnected System. 

The Report is intended to be used as a guide to the various stages and forms of consultation and ultimate Taskforce decisions and publications.