Taskforce Publications

The Energy Transformation Taskforce has published several information papers and newsletters on the delivery of the Energy Transformation Strategy.

Program Implementation Plan

Delivering the Future Power System

 Following consultation, the Energy Transformation Taskforce will make decisions on elements of market and regulatory design. These decisions will form the basis for draft market rules and regulations.

Taskforce decisions, information papers and consultation drafts of rules and regulations will be published here as they are completed.


Information Paper/
Taskforce Decision

Draft Rules/

Foundational Market Parameters



Power System Security and Reliability Regulatory  Framework



Improving the Technical Rules Change Management  Process



Scheduling and Dispatch (Energy)



Power System Constraints Equations Governance  Framework



Essential System Services Technical  Framework



Essential System Services Acquisition Framework -  Frequency Control



Foundation Settings for Market Settlement



Scheduling and Dispatch (Essential System Services)



Essential System Services Acquisition Framework -  Locational Services



Outage Management



Market Power Mitigation



Generator Performance Standards



Market Information



Market Settlement – Implementation of five-minute settlement, uplift payments and Essential System Services settlement



Registration and Participation Framework



The above documents can be downloaded below:

Whole of System Planning

The Energy Transformation Taskforce has published two Information Papers on the inaugural Whole of System Plan. These papers reflect extensive engagement and testing with the energy sector on the modelling scenarios and the various inputs and assumptions. 

Improving Access to the Western Power Network

The Energy Transformation Implementation Unit has published a design proposal outlining proposed reforms to the Reserve Capacity Mechanism that aim to ensure it continues to meet its reliability objective as the SWIS transitions to a constrained access network model.

The Energy Transformation Taskforce has endorsed the establishment of 'Capacity Credit Rights' as a means of achieving this aim.

This design proposal commences the first stage of consultation with stakeholders to develop the design of the Capacity Credit Rights regime. The aim of this stage is to establish a high-level design of the regime for endorsement by the Energy Transformation Taskforce in December 2019.

Consultation on the high-level design will occur throughout October and November 2019, through Transformation Design and Operations Working Group meetings and through individual meetings with stakeholders.

Once the Taskforce has endorsed the high-level design, the Energy Transformation Implementation Unit will commence consultation with stakeholders to develop the amendments to the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules to implement the Capacity Credit Rights regime. This stage of consultation will include development of the design in more detail.

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