Family and Domestic Violence, Paid Leave and Workplace Support - Premier's Circular 2021/11

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Number: 2021/11
Issue Date: 04/11/2021
Review Date: 30/06/2025


The Government is committed to supporting employees in situations of family and domestic violence through workforce support measures, including an entitlement to paid leave for all public sector employees, including casuals.

The following comprehensive package to support victims of family and domestic violence has been in place since 18 August 2017 and continues under this Circular:

  • ten days non-cumulative paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave;
  • reinforced flexible work arrangements and safety plan agreements; and
  • continued access to employer sponsored confidential counselling services.


The entitlement to paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave for all public sector employees is set out in the attached model clause (Attachment A). The model clause is being incorporated into public sector industrial instruments as they are replaced.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Government Sector Labour Relations has issued guidelines (PDF) to assist agencies in implementing Family and Domestic Violence Leave. The model clause and implementation guidelines should be read in conjunction with relevant awards and agreements.

Employees, supervisors and managers are to be made aware of this Circular, and of the support available to those employees affected by family and domestic violence.
Mark McGowan MLA

Other relevant circulars: N/A
Circular/s replaced by this circular: 2017/07