Justice of the Peace Document Witnessing Centres

Witnessing Centres are coordinated and managed by Justices of the Peace who are volunteers. The information is collated from information provided to the Department of Justice and is subject to change.
Last updated: 5 April 2023

In the current COVID environment, a Justice of the Peace (JP) may provide services at his/her discretion.

Please respect the independent decision of the JP and any requirements they may impose when providing services to the public.

The Department still recommends contacting the Witnessing Centre via phone, prior to attending.

Refer to the PDF document below for contact details and opening times of Witnessing Centres.

Remote Witnessing Services

A list of JPs who provide services for remote witnessing of documents, to assist the community under the COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery Omnibus Act 2020, to the 31 December 2022.
Name Contact
David Carbonell 0419 044 063
Dr Gillian Colclough 0409 550 425
Timothy Dallas 0499 996 156
Dr Thomas H Edgar 0418 250 949
Kelly Howlett 0439 941 431
Michelle Jenkins 0407 990 922
Stephen G Leeson 0413 487 086
Annyta Priest 0429 632 126
Steven Rushford 0439 868 630
Charlotte Della Vedova 0427 783 031
Craig Watson 0448 977 566
Andrea Williams 0427 405 580