MCB Flower and Ornament Policy Brochure

This policy provides guidelines for families placing flowers and tributes in the cemetery grounds.
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Over the years, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB) has received a wide variety of feedback regarding artificial flowers, tributes and their placement at the cemeteries under its management. The views are extremely broad, with members of the community holding sometimes passionate opinions at either end of the spectrum.

Given the increasingly large volume of floral and other tributes, and varying concerns expressed by the community, the MCB committed to undertaking a review of the policy in 2011. It was the first time since 1986 that a thorough policy review was implemented.

The review concluded with a public comment period in which the community were asked to respond to a range of points that were outlined within a discussion paper. Following the conclusion of the community consultation phase, a policy recommendation was put forward to the collective membership of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board for subsequent endorsement.

The Board was highly committed to conducting a fair and appropriate review which included extensive community consultation. To this end, the Board appointed an external company to undertake a thorough research process based upon best practice community consultation guidelines.

Throughout the review there were a number of stages and varying opportunities for community input. The Board wishes to thank members of the community for their input and is satisfied that the revised policy is genuinely reflective of demonstrated community need.

The new policy is, in effect, a continuation of the old with several slight changes. These are as follows:

  • As has historically been the case, the Board continues to welcome the placement of both fresh and artificial tributes at its cemeteries and memorial parks
  • Whilst artificial tributes do have an environmental impact and the placement of fresh tributes is preferred, the Board recognises that many families prefer artificial tributes and, as such, their placement is respected as being an integral part of the grieving process
  • The fresh tributes only policy that has been in place at Rockingham Regional Memorial Park since the park opened in 2007 has been rescinded. The community have indicated that this policy is too restrictive. Both fresh and artificial tributes may now be placed at Rockingham
  • At Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park a new mowing schedule has been introduced. The new schedule sees the burial courts cleared; a necessity for mowing, on a fortnightly and monthly basis (dependent on the season). This replaces the weekly clearing of tributes in burial areas.  Tribute Collection Dates January 2024 – December 2024(PDF, 0.15MB)
  • Restrictions as to the number of tributes that can be placed and items that are prohibited for safety reasons are carried over from the old policy.

Once again, the Board thanks all the members of the community who provided input during the community consultation process for taking the time to provide us with their valuable feedback.