Noongar land fund

A fund to support the land, joint management and heritage objectives of the South West Native Title Settlement.

In the long-term, the fund aims to:

  • facilitate partnerships with WA Government agencies that benefit the Noongar Regional Corporations and the Noongar community
  • build the capacity of Noongar Regional Corporations in meeting joint management, land and heritage obligations in the Indigenous Land Use Agreements
  • support opportunities that make best use of the Settlement's various land related benefits and obligations.

Once established, the Noongar Regional Corporations will identify priorities important to their regions that fall within the remit of the fund that are not funded through their operational budgets.

In identifying these objectives the regional corporations will work in partnership with the WA Government's key land agencies - such as the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage - to achieve the best possible outcomes for their regions. Access to funding will be determined and administered by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

For more information, read about Conservation Estate Management, Noongar Heritage Partnership Agreements and the Noongar Land Estate, or see the document below.


Page reviewed 30 June 2020