Have your say: Reforming Western Australia’s disability legislation

The Department of Communities (Communities) is carrying out consultation to inform the reform of Western Australia’s (WA) disability legislation.
Last updated: 17 March 2023

Communities is seeking the views of Western Australians on issues and matters that should be reflected in WA’s disability legislation. This consultation will inform the development of new legislation that is relevant and appropriate for the current and future disability sector environment in WA.

A Consultation Paper has been developed as a general guide to this consultation.

What we want to know

Communities wants to know your thoughts, experiences and ideas to ensure new disability legislation is appropriate to meet the needs and expectations of people with disability and the community.

Some things to consider when providing your feedback include:

  • what principles are or should be applicable to people with disability?
  • how can or should people with disability be safeguarded?
  • how can the access and inclusion needs of people with disability be met?
  • what are the ongoing service needs of people with disability?

When you provide your feedback, please give us as much information as you can. This could include examples, case studies or other information that supports your feedback and helps us consider and understand the individual, social and financial implications of living with disability.

You can share your own views or provide feedback on behalf of someone else.

Have your say

There are many ways you can give feedback to Communities:

Department of Communities
Strategy and Partnerships (Office of Disability)
Locked Bag 5000
Fremantle WA 6959

If you have any questions or would like to make a submission in a different way, please email the team at disabilitylegislationteam@communities.wa.gov.au or call us on 0421 978 786.

All feedback is due by 10 June 2023.

Who we want to hear from

Communities wants to hear from all Western Australians who want to contribute to the discussion. People we want to receive comment from include:
  • people with lived experience, including people with disability or family members, carers or guardians of people with disability
  • service providers, behaviour support practitioners and sole providers
  • advocacy, peak body and representative groups
  • state and local government stakeholders
  • other interested individuals, representatives and organisations.

How your feedback will be used

Your feedback will be used to assist in the development of new WA disability legislation. Your feedback will help Communities to:
  • better understand the preferences and needs of people, organisations and the community that are engaged in the disability sector in WA
  • assess options and develop recommendations for consideration by the State Government to inform the drafting of new legislation.

Is feedback confidential?

All feedback received may be made publicly available on Communities’ website or may be quoted in reports and publications produced by Communities. If you prefer your name or organisation to remain confidential, please advise us when providing your feedback.

However, please note that feedback provided to Communities can be subject to freedom of information requests, so please do not include any personal or confidential information that you would not wish to be made available to the public.