Access Asia Business Grants: Round 6 recipients

Overview of the projects supported
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Under Round 6 of the Access Asia Business Grants, 16 local businesses will share in more than $325,000 (excluding GST) to help advance their export and trade activities in new Asian markets. Learn more about the projects in the table below.

OrganisationProject description
Xsights Digital Pty LtdDesign, develop and implement module structures, workflows and translate content in digital learning management systems for targeted markets in Asia for Xsights' new market client onboarding digital platform.
Australian Distilling LtdEngage specialist services to develop a strategic export strategy, facilitate engagements with potential distribution partners to roll out its range of spirit products in new Asian markets, and develop marketing and educational collateral specifically targeted to the Asian market.
Art from the Heart Productions Pty LtdConduct in-person meetings with preferred partners in Japan to explore market opportunities and develop new marketing collateral for Asian markets with the specific aim of staging a “1000 Voices” choral event in Japan and inviting up to 100 singers to visit Perth for its upcoming event in December 2024.
Enershield Pty LtdUndertake a scoping trip to Malaysia to commence an in-market intelligence gathering exercise and participate in the Offshore Southeast Asia (OSEA) 2024 trade show in Singapore to market its product GenGuard, an automated gas detection shutdown unit to the wider Southeast Asian market. 
Kimberley Marine Support Base Pty LtdEnhance KMSB's operational capacity and solidify its position in the Asia-Pacific logistics landscape by engaging specialist services to establish key connections and strategic market entry points, develop market-specific materials to ensure effective communication and engagement with potential clients in targeted Asian countries, and direct engagement in Asian markets, particularly Malaysia and Singapore to establish business relationships, understand market preferences and initiate development efforts.
Alcolizer Pty LtdIncrease end-user knowledge and awareness of the features and advantages of its saliva-based drug testing device, Druglizer, by marketing the product via practical (hands-on) usage and product demonstration in-market and translate the experience to potential sales of the product through follow up meetings with end-users of the product and potential distributors in its target market. 
WebKeyIt Pty Ltd trading as GrackleDocsFacilitate successful introduction and promotion of its suite of digital accessibility products and services in its target market by conducting a comprehensive market analysis and intelligence gathering process and participating at the International Conference on Educational Policy Studies and the International Conference on Advance Education in Singapore. 
Rockliffe Winery Pty LtdHost in-market promotional events and product showcases to develop partnerships, business relationships and identify export sales channels for its wines in Malaysia.
Generators & Offgrid Energy Pty LtdScope potential new supply chains and gather market intelligence in relation to market opportunities and prospective partners in East Nusu Tengarra Province, Indonesia (West Timor) and Timor-Leste for its specialist solar and battery system product. 
TraumaSim Pty LtdDevelop an understanding of the markets in Japan and South Korea for medical simulation products, introduce its simulated trauma solutions to potential partners and build relationships with key distributors in these markets by engaging with them through participation at the Kadex Defence Expo in South Korea and business meetings in market.
Margaret River Hemp Processing Pty LtdInitiate business relationships and explore opportunities for hemp fibre supply and trade partnerships in China and assess the market opportunities for collaboration in the hemp fibre supply chain in India by engaging with key stakeholders and experienced manufacturers and vendors in the supply chain in these markets.
Fuzzy Balls Pty Ltd trading as Ultra SeriesCreate short feature 'adverts' showcasing unique locations and tourist places in Western Australia where Ultra Running events are organised, translate the adverts to Asian languages and host running clinics for local running groups and individuals in its targeted Asian markets where the videos will be showcased, and runners would be encouraged to come to Western Australia and run in Ultra Series WA events.
Rosalury Pty LtdEngage specialist services to develop export plans, establish business relationships, organise targeted business meetings, and implement a targeted approach to market and promote Rosalury's wines to its target markets in South Korea and China.
ChironixParticipate at the Offshore Southeast Asia (OSEA) trade show in Singapore with the objective of identifying a potential partner in the oil and gas sector in Indonesia for Chironix's autonomous inspection technology. 
For Blue Pty LtdEngage specialist services to support with product distribution channels, partner engagement, content localisation, evaluation study and strategy development to enable market entry into Indonesia and Vietnam for its Diagnosis and Navigation products used in marine, maritime and aquaculture industries.
Customa Pty LtdUndertake a feasibility study of the ASEAN market by engaging with potential partners, investors and distributors in Singapore and Thailand to understand and explore the market opportunities for its innovative product 'CustomaSeal' - a medical device that supports patients living with a stoma.