Western Australia's renewable hydrogen industry

Renewable hydrogen is an emerging industry that will play an important part in WA’s energy future.

Hydrogen first presented as a credible alternative energy source in the early 1970s but lacked competitiveness against lower-cost fossil fuels.

With the world placing greater value on a low-emissions future, demand for clean energy sources is increasing. Hydrogen produced from renewable energy (renewable hydrogen) has significant potential to be part of this new landscape for transport, feedstock and clean energy, and is an emerging technology that will play an important part in WA’s energy future.

WA has many attributes that provide a strong competitive advantage in the growing global renewable hydrogen market including world-class renewable energy resources, vast land mass, established energy infrastructure and proud history of exporting energy to international markets.

The Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy sets out the Western Australian Government’s strategic areas of focus for the development of the hydrogen industry, including exports, remote applications, hydrogen blending in natural gas networks and transport. 

The Western Australian Government is investing $28 million to drive the development of a renewable hydrogen industry in Western Australia. 


Page reviewed 23 March 2021