State public sector employees are entitled to employer superannuation contributions paid to either the super fund of their choice, or a State public sector super scheme.
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Former employees

Former State public sector employees cannot have their employer contributions or salary sacrifice contributions (‘concessional contributions’) paid into a State public sector super account. The GESB superannuation schemes are ‘constitutionally protected’ and cannot receive contributions from employers who are not WA public sector agencies, and the Fire and Emergency Services Superannuation Fund is not open to employers outside the WA public sector.

Your super accounts

If you have multiple super accounts, or are unsure how many super accounts you have, you can check your super accounts and find any lost super through your myGov account when it is linked to the ATO (the Australian Tax Office). 

myGov can also be used to transfer your super into one account, with some exceptions. Before consolidating your super accounts, first consider the important factors outlined in the online information about the transfer option, including: 

  • the impact of fees and charges in multiple schemes on your overall super investment 
  • the fees that may be charged to leave a scheme or to transfer to a scheme
  • that some super schemes cannot be re-joined after the account has been closed 
  • the potential impact of changing the insurance arrangements provided by different super accounts 
  • restrictions on transferring funds: former State public sector employees who have a preserved Gold State Super benefit cannot access or rollover their benefit until they reach their preservation age and no longer work for the State Government.

If you are unsure what to do, seek independent advice or contact your super fund.