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The MCB cares for and protects the personal memories of Western Australians.
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The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB) is a fully self-supporting statutory authority. The MCB manages seven cemetery and memorial park sites throughout metropolitan Perth: Fremantle, Karrakatta, Midland and Guildford Cemeteries; Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park and Rockingham Regional Memorial Park and Gnangara Aboriginal Cemetery. These locations offer a range of facilities and services including burial, cremation, memorialisation and entombment.

In addition to its role as the manager of cemeteries and memorial parks within the metropolitan area, the MCB makes sure that cemetery legislation is followed and is responsible for the licencing of Funeral Directors and Monumental Masons operating within the metropolitan area. As the peak cemetery management authority within the State, the MCB provides assistance and advice to smaller cemetery management authorities and local governments within regional areas of Western Australia.

The MCB is a customer-focussed organisation that employs approximately 150 people across five Directorates: Operations, Strategy and Planning, Customer Sales and Support, Corporate Services and Office of the Chief Executive Officer. We look for people who can embrace our values of compassion, respect, understanding and integrity.

The following vacancies are available:


Cemetery Worker (Burials)

Level 3. Pool Reference 2024-08

Salary range $61,687 – $66,825 per annum plus super.

Pool will be used for 12 months to fill vacancies at all sites. Multiple positions available immediately.

For further information or to apply please go to jobs.wa.gov.au

Applications close Thursday, 1 August 2024, at 4.00pm


Funeral Concierge

Level 4. Pool Reference 2024-07

Salary range $87,712 – $92,057 per annum plus super.

Pool will be used for 12 months to fill vacancies at all sites. Currently five positions available (Karrakatta, Padbury and Fremantle)

For further information or to apply please go to jobs.wa.gov.au

Applications close Thursday, 18 July 2024, at 4.00pm


Senior Funeral Concierge

Level 5. Position Number 1179

Salary range $96,307 – $105,254 per annum plus super.

This position will be based at Karrakatta Cemetery and is available on a permanent, full time basis.

For further information or to apply please go to jobs.wa.gov.au

Applications close Thursday, 18 July 2024, at 4.00pm

Benefits of Working with the MCB

What We Offer

Working for the MCB gives you access to some of the most sought-after benefits available among Western Australian employers. Benefits include:

  • Award-based salary and entitlements (e.g. annual leave, personal leave, long service leave, parental leave),
  • 10% employer contributed superannuation
  • A professional team environment and culture
  • Rewarding and challenging work roles
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Opportunities to work with other teams
  • Contributing to the community
  • Easy commute with sites across the metropolitan area
  • Onsite cafe and free wifi
  • Uniform provided to frontline staff

Other Benefits

Subject to the operational requirements of your position and/or work area and the conditions of your Industrial Award/Agreement, employees may access a range of other benefits including:

Flexible work and leave options that may include:

  • Flexible start and finish times
  • Accrued or rostered days off
  • Flexi time leave
  • Part time work, job share arrangement
  • Study leave
  • Purchased leave

Professional Development Opportunities

Expressions of interests, acting prospects and secondments allow you to broaden your work experience through on-the-job training in different types of jobs both at-level and higher pay classifications throughout the organisation.

The MCB has a strong commitment to professional development and learning opportunities.

Staff development services at all sites provide free or low-cost training for employees to maintain or learn new skills.

Salary Packaging

Salary packaging enables you to use pre-tax income towards benefits and reduces the amount of tax you pay, giving you increased disposable income. The items you can package depend on the ATO taxation rules and the applicable Industrial Award and Agreement. Limits and varying Fringe Benefits Tax conditions apply.

Visit www.paywise.com.au for more information from salary packaging providers.

Employee Mental Health And Wellbeing Program

MCB supports and promotes employee mental health and well being activities, including fun runs and free annual flu vaccinations.

MCB employees can access discounted Health, Travel and other insurance through our partnership with Corporate Health Providers (HBF and Bupa).

Through the Employee Assistance Program employees and their immediate family can access free confidential counselling for personal and work related matters.

Career Pathways

MCB is undergoing a re-structure. This information will become available soon.

Employee Profiles

Hear from employees of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board


Gardener at Karrakatta 

I work on the gardening team and attend to the various gardens throughout Karrakatta Cemetery, improving and maintaining their standards as needed.
I work with a great team of qualified horticulturalists and grounds people. I also work independently in designated areas of the cemetery.
I really enjoy working at the MCB as the work environment is very supportive and the gardening work is tremendously enjoyable and fulfilling. My work day is well structured and includes a diverse variety of tasks which allows me to implement various horticultural practices, landscaping skills and also share and exchange knowledge with my colleagues and even with members of the public when they come to visit their loved ones

Memorial Services Officer at Pinnaroo

My job is to place all the memorial plaques (including burial plaques) in the memorial areas around the park. This also involves assisting families in placing the ashes of their loved ones with the memorial plaques they have chosen. I also transfer ashes from MCB urns into decorative urns and keepsakes purchased by families.
I work as part of a small, but very busy Client Services team. I work autonomously carrying out a lot of my day to day tasks but I also work closely with the memorial officers and other members of the CS team. Part of my job also involves working with the families/clients that come to our office.
I enjoy working for the MCB because the people are friendly and the hours suit my family’s situation. I find my job very rewarding and I am also lucky enough to spend a lot of my day out and about in the grounds of the park.

Cemetery Planning and Development Officer at Karrakatta

The role of Sustainability Officer involves a wide range of responsibilities involving the sustainable use of cemetery land for burials and cremation. This includes collection and analysis of data regarding future planning for burial and memorial areas, facilities and infrastructure. It also includes working with the Planning and Operations teams to provide design, planning and development for the reuse of cemetery land.
The role involves working and liaising closely with other departments within the organisation such as Operations and Client services across all sites, as well as other members of the planning team.
The MCB has a wide and diverse range of employment opportunities making it a very interesting and unique place to work. There are also opportunities to digress and develop new skills within different departments within the organisation. The small body of staff make it a very personal and enjoyable place to work.

Governance Officer at Karrakatta

I assist with the development, management and implementation of MCB’s corporate governance, accountability, risk management and policy frameworks. I also coordinate internal and external reporting.
I provide behind-the-scenes support to the Minister, Board, CEO, Directors and other staff. Everything I do is targeted at improving services to the Western Australian community. Although I spend most of my time in front of the computer, I try and get out to meet other colleagues in client services and the operations areas.
I love working at the MCB which has a caring and understanding culture. The grounds, whether at Karrakatta, Pinnaroo or Fremantle, are just beautiful!


Team Leader (Burials) at Karrakatta

My role is to plan and perform operational duties including funeral services, landscaping duties and provide leadership and guidance to team members.
In my role I work with 7 staff members in the burials team and continually work with internal staff, funeral directors and stonemasons.
I believe the MCB is a great place to work due to the flexible working hours, excellent training opportunities and the excellent culture exists in the operations department.

Operations Supervisor at Karrakatta

In this role I’m responsible for overseeing the day to day work of the five operations teams: crematorium team, burials team and three grounds (landscape) teams. I also liaise with the Co-ordinator of Operations on a daily basis to ensure he is kept up to date on services provided, project time lines, staff issues, maintenance requests and the day to day running of the cemetery. The role was created to be a two way support role, I offer the team leaders and team members support and also support the Co-ordinator by removing some of the day to day issues from him allowing him to concentrate on more of the infrastructure management of the cemetery.
I also undertake the overseeing of various projects working in liaison with the planning department staff and any involved contractors to projects are carried out in a timely manner and with minimum disruption to the services offered at the cemetery.
I work with the other members of the operations team at Karrakatta, also answering queries from our client services dept. and liaising with the planning team in the ongoing upgrading of grounds and facilities at Karrakatta.
I find my job to be very rewarding, I enjoy the work and the people I work with and get satisfaction in knowing we provide a great public service to the community of Perth as is shown by some of the positive feedback we get.


School based Trainee

Working in a service desk role, I respond to staff requests for assistance with IT related issues.
I work with other IT staff, to provide a service to all MCB staff across all the sites. I am currently working in a team environment but eventually I will be working on my own.
I am enjoying working at MCB, I am learning how to navigate myself around the IT office and around the workplace. I am enjoying my time here and hope to be working here in the near future.


Human Resources Officer at Karrakatta

My role is to provide accurate and timely advice and services in relation to recruitment matters, employment conditions, training organisation, promoting of health and wellbeing and general administration support to all levels of staff at MCB.
I work in a small but very active team full of Payroll Officers, HR Officers and one OSH Officer. We work very closely and always try to assist one another to get the job done. A lot of the time, I also work alone to process transactions like contract extensions or inducting new staff members.
What I enjoy most about working at MCB is the uniqueness of the industry, and the variety of things you actually get to do on a day to day basis. One day you’d be working on organising Asbestos Awareness Training, and the next it would be designing the recruitment portal on the internet. I like the challenge of doing many different things at the same time. It never gets boring. Not only that, but the supportive environment and friendly people you work with really makes it a great and unique place to work.

How to apply for MCB jobs

How to apply for a vacancy

When vacancies at the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board arise, positions are advertised on the Western Australian Government Jobs Board.

To search for MCB jobs, go to www.jobs.wa.gov.au, click on the Job Search link, select Metropolitan Cemeteries Board under the Agency option, then select Search.

You can also register with jobs.wa.gov.au and set up your profile to email you specific types of jobs, jobs at a particular level, or all jobs that are currently available at the MCB.


  1. Applications are received by the MCB by the end of the advertised closing date and time.
  2. Your application will be assessed against the work related requirements as listed in the Job Description Form.
  3. You may be shortlisted if you meet all the work related requirements and invited to an interview.
  4. Interviews are organised.
  5. From all the information gathered from the applications, the results of the interview and referee reports received, a suitable person is recommended for the role.
  6. All applicants are notified of the results of their application.
  7. If the process is a recruitment pool, suitable applicants are placed in a pool. See the Recruitment Pool page for more information.
  8. Unsuccessful applicants are given a 4 day breach (appeals) period during which, if they feel there has been a breach in the recruitment process, they can lodge a breach to the MCB.
  9. If no breaches have been received by the end of the four days, the recommended applicant is officially offered the position.
  10. Please note: other assessments may be required prior to offering the vacant position to the recommended applicant. For example, a pre-employment medical examination or a Work Personality Index Test may be part of the process.
  11. It is recommended that if not selected, you contact the identified person and ask for feedback on your written application and or your interview.


What is pool recruitment?​

When a number of people have successfully gone through the recruitment process for positions that are similar, their details are kept so they can be considered for appointment to fill future permanent or temporary vacancies. It’s like being on standby.

​How does the pool operate?​

Pool recruitment is in accordance with the Public Sector Management (Breaches of Public Sector Standards) Regulations 2005 and the Employment Standard.

Generally, a pool operates for a 6-month or 12-month period from the date of initial placement into the pool (unless otherwise specified in the job advertisement).

Appointment from a pool to a vacancy is not automatic. Perhaps the position offered to you is not at your preferred location or it is a part time opportunity and you are looking for full time employment. You will also need to pass the pre-employment medical if that applies to the role.

If a pool applicant is deemed suitable and still available to fill the new vacant position, then a Request to Employ authorisation form is submitted to the delegated Director, requesting approval to appoint the pool applicant into the vacant role.

Pool applicants do not have a ‘right of review.’ If no pool applicants are deemed suitable or available, then the position may be advertised.

If the position is re-advertised, applicants in the pool will need to re-apply to be considered along with the other applicants responding to the advertisement.

How will I know if I have been appointed to a pool?​

All applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application at the conclusion of the recruitment process. You will either receive advice that you

  • have been recommended for a position,
  • recommended for appointment to a pool, or
  • that you were unsuccessful for the advertised position and not appointed to a pool.
  • It is important to note that if you are appointed to a pool, you are not deemed an employee (if external to the public sector), nor promoted (if an existing public sector employee), until such time as you are appointed to a specific position in the MCB.

Can I submit a breach claim in regard to pool recruitment?

Yes, however, only during the 4 day breach / appeals period.

You will also be advised of the review period in which you can obtain feedback on your application and submit a breach of standards claim.

Claims cannot be accepted after this review period, and do not apply to any future appointment from a pool to a vacancy.

How to prepare your job application and what to expect if you are asked to come in for an interview

Where can I find current vacancies in the State Government?

All current vacancies for State Government are advertised on the jobs.wa.gov.au website.


How to prepare your application?

Important note – check the closing date.

Carefully check the closing date for each position. We can’t accept your application if it’s late, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare and submit your application. We must receive your entire written application by the closing date and time.

There are two documents you need to have before you start preparing your application:

  • The information kit, and
  • The job description form (JDF).


What do you need to supply in your application?

Your application should include the following:

  • Complete the online application form, and answer all of the questions
  • Attach your resume (CV), and
  • Attach a covering letter or your statement of claims against the work related requirements (if it is requested in the advertisement).


What to include in your resume/CV?

Ideally you should include the following in your resume:

  • Your personal details e.g. name, address, phone number, email address
  • Your education and training achievements
  • A summary of your work history (the most recent should be listed first) with details of your responsibilities, tasks and achievements.
  • Contact details for 2 referees (one of which should be your current or most recent employer)


How you demonstrate that you can match your skills, knowledge or experience to the work related requirements for the job is one of the most important parts of your application.

The work related requirements are listed in the job description form (JDF) and are divided into two categories – essential and desirable.

For each requirement, describe or list specific examples of times or projects when you have used the required skills or knowledge, tell us what action you took and include any details of the outcome or feedback.

Do not to be too wordy – but do provide some brief examples that show you meet that requirement. Check the advert to see if there is a word or page limit, and do not exceed it.

Selection for interview is based on your ability to show:

  • that you meet the essential work requirements, and
  • that you are competitive in relation to other applicants.


How to submit your application?

You must submit your application via the online portal in the advertisement on jobs.wa.gov.au. If you have seen a job advertisement somewhere else, it will contain a link or instructions on how to find the advert. Scroll to the bottom of the advert and click on ‘Apply for Job’ button.


What happens once you submit your application?

As soon as applications close, we start the selection process. We do our best to ensure that everything happens as quickly as possible – generally, from the closing date to the selection of an applicant takes about three to four weeks.

Firstly we shortlist – if you’re successful in gaining an interview, you should hear from us within three weeks after the closing date. If you haven’t heard from us by then, it’s unlikely that your application was chosen for shortlisting.

Then we interview – once an applicant has been selected for appointment, we’ll notify you in writing. We often receive many applications for our advertised vacancies. We ask that if possible, you wait until we contact you.


Who to contact for more information?

Each job will include the phone number of a contact person. Don’t hesitate to give them a call – they’ll be happy to tell you more about the job and answer any questions.


Preparing for an interview

Congratulations! The panel obviously considered that your application showed you met the work requirements, and were competitive in relation to other applicants.

Along with your interview, you may be asked to undergo other work tests (depending on the job, maybe a short presentation, a typing test, or some sort of practical exercise). But don’t panic, you’ll be given notice and time to prepare.

You may be given the questions before the interview and given time to prepare notes to help you answer them.


What to do before your interview?

  • Read the JDF so that you’re familiar with what the job involves. You will be asked questions that relate directly to the work requirements, and each interviewee will be asked the same questions.
  • Talk to the contact person if you have any questions about the job.
  • You might like to gather examples of your work, or any other material to support your application to bring to the interview.
  • Take along a copy of your application – the panel won’t mind if you want to refer to it during your interview.
  • Visit the MCB website to get an understanding of what we do as an agency and possibly how the advertised job fits in the overall structure.


What to do at the interview?

  • Impress the panel! This is your opportunity to show them what you know, and how you’d be perfect for the job.
  • Take time to gather your thoughts when asked a question – the panel will not mind if you take a few moments to put together a well thought out answer
  • Ask for clarification if you don’t understand a question.
  • Feel free to ask the interview panel any questions at the end of the interview.


What happens after the interview?

After the interview, you will be notified in writing of the outcome of the selection process.

Please be aware that the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has a four day breach claim period for the Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Standard as proposed by the Public Sector Commission.

We ask that you take the opportunity to contact the person nominated to obtain feedback on your written application or your performance at the interview, within the four day period.

Good luck!




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I find job opportunities within the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board?

MCB vacancies are advertised on the WA Government Job Board. They may also be published in various newspapers and other advertising mediums.

How can I be kept up to date with current vacancies at the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board?

You can receive emails to notify you when a position that interests you is posted on the WA Government Job Board.

If you have not registered on the Job Board, go to www.jobs.wa.gov.au, click on the vertical menu item ‘Email Me Jobs’ and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, if you have registered, login, go to the My Search Profile page and set your search profile. You must ensure that the ‘Email Me Jobs’ drop down menu is set to “yes”. On the WA Government Job Board you must select “Metropolitan Cemeteries Board” under the Agency field.

What must I include in my application?

Your written application should include the following:

  • Complete the application questions online
  • Attach your resume / CV
  • Attach a covering letter or your statement of claims against the work related requirements (if it is requested in the advertisement).

How can I apply?

  • Apply online
  • Find the advertised vacancy on the Job Board website, scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘Apply for Job’ button.

How long does the recruitment and selection process take?

There is no definite length of time for the process. Each process is different and MCB attempts to make a selection as soon as possible. We aim for four weeks, however some processes may take longer.

I applied for a position some time ago, how can I find out what stage it’s up to?

All jobs have a contact person listed in the advertisement. For further information at any stage during the recruitment and selection process, you can call the contact person and they will be able to let you know what stage the process is at. Please keep a copy of the advertisement for the position you are applying for so that you have the details of the contact person.

Do I need to have a police clearance in order to apply for positions within the MCB?

You are not required to have a police clearance in order to apply.

The Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Standard does not specify that applicants need to include specific headings for each of the selection criteria in their application. Applicants need to provide sufficient information so the panel members can easily assess their suitability against the work related requirements named in the job description.

As a guide, it is recommended that you write no more than half a page per work related requirement. In some instances less is recommended. This will be listed in the advertisement, so it is important that you read it carefully. Please note that not all positions require you to provide statements against the work related requirements. Please check the job advertisement.

If I forgot to include a page in my application, can I forward it to you now that the position has closed?

No. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit their full application before the closing date and time.

Do you accept late applications?

No. Applications received after the closing date and time will not be accepted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the full application is received by Human Resources before the closing date and time.

Online – The online system will not allow you to submit your application after the closing time/date, even if you began the application before the stated closing time.