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The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is a fully self supporting authority of the Government of Western Australia.
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Our role is to provide dignified, culturally appropriate facilities for burial, cremation and commemoration. We are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service.


Achieving excellence in the provision of world class cemetery facilities and services.


To provide cremation, burial and memorialisation services of the highest quality, delivered in a way that shows care for people and sensitivity to their values and beliefs.


We are committed to Compassion, Respect, Understanding and Integrity

Board Members

Joe O'Dea MCB Board Chair
MCB Board Chair

Joe O'Dea has a long association with the funeral industry in WA.
Dianne Guise MCB Board Member
MCB Board Deputy Chair

Dianne is an experienced not-for-profit Director with expertise in governance, audit and risk, finance and strategic planning. 
Darrell Jones, MCB Board Member
MCB Board Member

Darrell Jones is an experienced non-executive director, with a focus on community service and for-purpose organisations.
Tanvi Haria, MCB Board Member
MCB Board Member

Tanvi has extensive business and commercial acumen in financial and corporate services, strategy, audit and risk management, corporate governance.
Tom Monks MCB Board Member
MCB Board Member

Tom is the director and solicitor of Tom & Co Legal, a Perth based law firm practising in the area of family, commercial and immigration law.


The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is a body corporate with perpetual succession and its responsibilities are described in the Cemeteries Act 1986(PDF, 381KB).

The Board assumed management of Midland and Guildford Cemeteries in 1989 and Fremantle Cemetery on 1st July 2003. MCB By-laws 1992(PDF, 108KB) gazetted in 1992 set out administrative and general provisions for operating cemeteries under the Board’s control.

The Board also has powers under the Cremation Act 1929 (PDF, 283KB).

The MCB also operates a number of policies based on relevant Commonwealth and State legislation. Our Freedom of Information Statement(PDF, 218KB) can be accessed here.




The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has made a number of publications available online. If printed versions are required, please contact our offices on 1300 793 109.

  • Annual Report

2022/23 (PDF 4.8MB)

2021/22 (PDF 3.9MB)

2020/21 (PDF 7.8MB)

  • Digital Strategy Public Statement
2023-2026 Digital Strategy (PDF 0.05MB)
  • Budget Estimates
2024/25 (PDF 05.MB)
  • Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct (PDF 0.87MB)
  • Contractor Handbook
email Craig.Lipnicki@mcb.wa.gov.au for a copy
  • Customer Service Charter
Customer Service Charter (PDF 0.39MB)
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2022-2026 (PDF 5.79MB)
  • Freedom of Information Statement
Freedom of Information Statement (PDF 0.21MB)
  • MCB Public Submission to the Review of the Cemeteries Act 1986 and Cremation Act 1929 
MCB Submission: Review of Cemeteries Act 1986 (WA) and Cremation Act 1929 (WA) (PDF 0.58MB)
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy Statement
CEO Commitment Statement (PDF 0.33MB) 
  • Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RRAP)
Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan 2018-2023 (PDF 0.86MB)
  • Strategic Plan 2018-2023
Strategic Plan 2018-2023 (PDF 3.34MB)