Planning Ahead

The ability to personalise, the desire to make your departure an easier process for grieving family members, and peace of mind in knowing that things are going to be done just the way you would like are some of the main reasons that people pre-plan.
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Like most things in life, death is also something that we should plan for.

There is also the economic consideration. Pre-planning now ensures that you or your family are not subject to price increases in the future and is a sensible financial decision around a difficult topic.

When pre-planning, many people only think of the well known parts of a funeral; hearse, cars and flowers. There is so much more that needs to be considered, such as the location of the service, how to commemorate through a memorial plaque or even a desired burial location.

Some families choose to be buried with other family members that have passed, re-unifying them. Some families consider where and how they would like future generations to visit and remember.

Giving some prior thought to these arrangements can provide a sense of peace and security.