About the Register of Lobbyists

Maintaining public confidence in the transparency, integrity and honesty of dealings between lobbyists and government representatives.
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Why is there a Register of Lobbyists?

When government representatives have dealings with lobbyists it is important for them to know who the lobbyists represent.

The register provides information about who lobbies the government and who they represent.

Who needs to register?

Anyone who wants to undertake lobbying activities in WA must be registered on the Register of Lobbyists.

What is lobbying?

Lobbying is communicating with a government representative to influence government decision making. Communications can be in person or electronic. They do not have to involve financial or other rewards for lobbyists.

Lobbyists are an important part of the democratic process. They provide advice on how to deal with government and represent the interests of third parties.

What information is on the Register of Lobbyists?

  • business registration details of the lobbyist including names of owners, partners and/or major shareholders
  • names of the people working as lobbyists in the business
  • names of clients who currently retain the lobbyist or have used the lobbyist's services over the past 3 months.

What is the responsibility of government representatives?

All government representatives (including CEOs and members of public sector boards and committees) have a responsibility to ensure they do not meet a lobbyist who is not named on the WA Register of Lobbyists.

When meeting a registered lobbyist, government representatives must ensure the lobbyist behaves in a way and discloses information required by the Lobbyist Code of Conduct. The lobbyist is required to:

  • confirm they are a registered lobbyist
  • name the third party client they are representing
  • describe the nature of the client’s issues(s).

Government representatives are required to report suspected breaches by lobbyists to the Public Sector Commissioner as soon as practical. Commissioner's Instruction 16: Government Representatives Contact with Registrants and Lobbyists has detailed information.