Register a new non-government school

Standards and other requirements apply to non-government schools, including the need to be registered.
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Non-government schooling is one of the ways the compulsory education requirement can be met. 

Non-government schools are required to be registered by the Director General of the Department of Education.

The requirements for registration are specified in Part 4 of the School Education Act 1999 and the School Education Regulations 2000.

Registration provides assurance to parents and the community that non-government schools meet the standards determined by the Minister and other requirements as outlined in the Guide to the Registration Standards and Other Requirements for Non-government Schools 2017.

Registered schools must:

  • observe the standards throughout the period of their registration
  • notify the Director General of any changes to the membership of the governing body or the constitution
  • comply with any conditions and directions on the school registration certificate
  • provide information on request within the given timeline surrender expired, replaced or cancelled registration certificates

Further information about non-government school education can be viewed online.