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Corporate Licence

A Corporate Licence is issued to an organisation and may permit a person who is:

  • an employee of that organisation; or
  • authorised by that organisation as an agent of the organisation or person acting at the request of and on behalf of that organisation; or
  • a person employed in the Public Sector or under an employing authority (within the meaning of the Public Sector Management Act 1994) who is required or authorised by the organisation to act on behalf of the organisation in respect to a relevant act or omission;
    to possess, carry or use a firearm or ammunition in accordance with that licence.

Corporate Licences are issued subject to conditions which may restrict the licence to certain categories of firearms. There are numerous reasons for issue of a Corporate Licence. Examples include:

  • Use at a Firearms Club
  • Pest Control
  • Security Industry
  • Wildlife management and dispersal
  • Humane destruction of sick and injured livestock
  • Theatrical Industry

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Firearms range

A firearm range is defined as a specialised facility, designed for the controlled practice of shooting and competition events. 

An approved firearm range is a properly constructed and maintained firearm range approved by the Commissioner pursuant to Sections 11A(2)(a) and 8(1)(m) of the Act.

Approved ranges will be provided specific conditions for the particular range pursuant to Section 21(1) of the Act.

While each approved range will have site specific conditions, all approved ranges will have the following model conditions:

  • All persons using the range must be authorised either by current Firearms Licence, permit, or by exemption pursuant to Section 8 of the Act.
  • All approved ranges will maintain a range register documenting the name, address, date of birth and photo identification details of each shooter.
  • Approved ranges will be subject to compliance audits and/or range inspections by WA Police and must make the range register and other relevant records available for inspection. 
    Other conditions will relate to firearms, ammunition calibres, events and disciplines for which the range is approved.  Conditions may also include location specific safety measures and restrictions if necessary.

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Shooting club

A shooting club means an organisation whose activities include target practice or target shooting competitions involving the possession or use of firearms or prohibited handguns on an approved shooting range.

Members of the club can use their club membership as proof of their genuine reason to support their application for a firearms licence.

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A Shooting Gallery Licence entitles the holder to conduct a Shooting Gallery at premises specified in the licence as per Section 16(1)(g) of the Firearms Act 1973 and in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Firearms Regulations 1974. 

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