Report hoon driving

A hoon driver is anyone who drives at very high speed or in a manner that is considered highly dangerous or antisocial.
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Hoon driving can include:

  • intentionally causing tyres to lose traction
  • causing a vehicle to make excessive noise or smoke
  • exceeding the speed limit by 45 km/h or more (e.g. travelling at more than 155 km/h in a 110 km/h zone)
  • engaging in a race or speed trial on a public road or in a public space.

Complete the report a hoon (traffic complaint) form to record the details of the incident. Do not put yourself at risk when trying to gather evidence.

What to report

The more details you can provide, the more it will assist in the police investigation and increase the chances of a successful conviction. Key details to submit in the form include:

  • description of behaviour, e.g. speeding, drag racing, burnouts, etc.
  • description of driver
  • day and time of behaviour
  • location of behaviour
  • vehicle registration
  • vehicle make, model
  • vehicle colour
  • photographic or video evidence

Remember the only way a hoon may be convicted, if police don't witness the incident, is for you to attend Court. 

If you are not willing to attend Court in some cases your information may help to establish a pattern of behaviour that could lead to later apprehension, and conviction, so your information is still appreciated.