Report identity theft

Identity theft is where a person has stolen and used personal information or assumed a pre-existing identity, with or without that person’s permission, and in the case of an individual, whether the person is alive or dead.
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Report identity theft to police on 131 444 or in person at your local police station. It is important to act quickly if your personal information is compromised. Collect and keep any documentation that will help police in investigating the crime.

These steps may also be necessary:

  1. Contact your bank or credit provider immediately and cancel all cards.
  2. Freeze or close all accounts to which the thief may have gained access.
  3. Open new accounts with new PINs and passwords.
  4. Contact a credit reporting body and ask that an alert be placed on your file.
  5. Check your credit file carefully for unauthorised transactions or changes.
  6. Keep all documentary evidence of fraud.
  7. Preserve all available electronic devices/data namely images, mobile phone, electronic correspondence, digital addresses.

Protecting yourself

Visit the eSafety Commisioner’s website for information on keeping your identify secure, the types of people committing these crimes and what to do if something has happened to you.

Commonwealth Victims’ Certificates

In some circumstances a state or territory magistrate may provide a Commonwealth Victims' Certificate to a victim. 

This may help you re-establish your credentials or to remove a fraudulent transaction from their records.

Recovering your identity

Visit the IDCARE website if you require assistance repairing the damage to your reputation, credit history and identity information.