Take driver’s licence theory test

When applying for your first WA driver’s licence, or transferring an overseas licence from a non recognised country, you need to pass a computerised theory test.
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Visit a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional agent to book and pay for the test, which will assess your understanding of WA road rules. You will also need identification (PDF) and a completed driver’s licence application form (PDF).

Car drivers have 30 multiple choice questions and must score a minimum of 24 correct answers.

Moped and motorcycle drivers have 35 questions and must score a minimum of 28 correct answers.

If you fail, you cannot attempt the test again on the same day. You must come back on another day with your required documents and pay the fee to sit the test again. All tests must start before 3.45pm.

Drive Safe (PDF) and Ride Safe (PDF) handbooks and other reference materials including mobile devices are not allowed during the test. The test cannot be done from home but sample tests are available for you to practice.