Additional stricter controls for SA arrivals

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The new arrangement comes into effect from Monday, 16 November at 6.00pm.
Graphic detailing changes to entry conditions for South Australian arrivals

Based on the latest health advice to reduce the risk of COVID-19 entering WA:

  • travel from South Australia into WA will not be permitted unless travellers meet strict exemption criteria
  • South Australia will be determined as a ‘medium risk’ state or territory, the highest rating of any state or territory.

The new arrangements come into effect from Monday, November 16 at 6.00pm for anyone arriving to Perth Airport from South Australia, and Wednesday, November 18 at 6.00pm for anyone arriving by road from South Australia.

The exemption list for South Australia will be limited to:

  • certain senior government officials
  • certain active military personnel
  • a member of the Commonwealth Parliament
  • a person carrying out functions under a law of the Commonwealth
  • certain specialists responsible for time critical maintenance where the skills are not available in WA (excludes FIFO)
  • a person coming to WA at the request of the Chief Health Officer
  • a person responsible for transport, freight or logistics
  • anyone who is given approval by the State Emergency Coordinator or an authorised officer (this category includes compassionate reasons).

Compassionate reasons may include Western Australians that have travelled to South Australia in the last few days.

If a traveller is granted an exemption, they must:

  • undertake 14 days of self-quarantine at a suitable premises
  • wear a mask if practicable and available from when they enter WA until they arrive at suitable self-quarantine premises or government approved quarantine facilities
  • present for a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of arrival and on day 11 of quarantine, or at any point when symptoms develop.

Interstate transport and freight workers entering WA are still required to show evidence of having received a negative COVID-19 result in the past 5 days, and will also need to present for another COVID-19 test within 7 days of their first test if they are staying in WA.

These border controls will be constantly reviewed and can be tightened, extended or relaxed depending on the latest health advice from South Australia.

For more information visit the Controlled interstate border page or South Australia arrivals- Frequently asked questions.

Page reviewed 17 November 2020