Dannika achieves her home ownership dream

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In-Situ Housing Pathways Support Program participant Dannika Farmer shares her home ownership journey.
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Mum and kids standing in front of their new home

With the help of Robe River Kuruma Aboriginal Corporation (RRKAC), Dannika Farmer achieved her home ownership dream.

The In-Situ Housing Pathways Support Program is delivered by RRKAC in Karratha. It supports Aboriginal families to build their financial independence to transition into their own home. The program is currently supporting 21 families through tailored support services, including financial literacy coaching and support with finding employment and developing resumes.

Dannika told us about the support she and her family received from RRKAC to help them achieve their home ownership dream.

Why did you want to be involved in the program? 
"I applied because my partner and I were already looking to move to Karratha to be closer to family support, so this would be a great opportunity to get help to purchase a house." 

What has the In-Situ Housing Pathways Support Program enabled you to do or helped you achieve so far? 
"The program guided us to home lenders with low-deposit home loan schemes.  We decided to use a broker in the end as it worked best for our situation, but it helped us understand what was available to us."

How do you think your engagement with and achievements through the program will positively influence other Aboriginal people in the community, including young people? 
"I hope it encourages Aboriginal people who want to own a home see that its possible, and of course for our four children to normalise owning a home."

Would you recommend the program to other eligible people? 
"Yes. The information around understanding hidden costs is invaluable.  It meant that I didn’t feel like I was being scammed with all the extra fees. There is a lot of information, so it was handy to have the support. "

Dannika hopes to inspire other Aboriginal families to achieve their home ownership dream. 

The In-Situ Housing Pathways Support Program, designed and delivered by Robe River Kurama Aboriginal Corporation, is made possible due to investment from the North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund. 

The North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund is an initiative of the State Government supported by the Department of Communities and Primary Industries and Regional Development, and the Commonwealth Government.