North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund

The North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund is a $200 million initiative that aims to create pathways towards social and economic independence and wellbeing for Aboriginal people in the Pilbara and Kimberley.
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The $200 million North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund (the Fund) invests in diverse projects in the Pilbara and Kimberley to increase housing choices and support services for Aboriginal families as a means of improving education and employment outcomes; increasing aspiration and independence; supporting functional households and communities; and enabling wealth creation.

Fund investments empower Aboriginal people to achieve their own goals in education, training, employment, financial capability and wellbeing by:

  • Funding Aboriginal-led and co-developed projects.
  • Creating affordable and stable housing choices for employed Aboriginal people, outside of the social housing system.
  • Increasing and supporting access to employment and training opportunities. 
  • Improving educational attainment for the children of participant families.
  • Supporting Aboriginal economic development, with investments delivered with or by Aboriginal businesses and organisations.
  • Showcasing public policy and built-form innovation, increasing private sector housing investment and helping diversify the regional housing market.

The Fund is built on a foundation of innovation and genuine dialogue, with an approach that ensures each investment is Aboriginal-led or has been co-developed in consultation with Aboriginal people, organisations and communities. This investment approach allows Aboriginal people and communities to achieve their own aspirations and goals and recognises the significant strengths and deep knowledge they hold, while also providing an opportunity for two-way capacity and relationship building.

The Fund aims to empower Aboriginal people who participate in its investments to achieve improved wellbeing and financial independence, which may include progressing to the private housing market and home ownership.

The Fund is a State Government initiative, proudly supported by the Australian Government.

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