EV Action Plan – Publication of WA EV Charging Behaviour Research Report

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As a part of the EV Action Plan, a study of consumer charging behaviours has been completed, including a full final report and summary report.
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EV at a charger

Electric vehicles (EVs) are important for Western Australia's goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 but can impact energy usage and grid stability. Western Australia's unique grid and lack of EV research made dedicated research necessary.

This study surveyed 1,253 people, including 461 EV owners and 792 non-EV owners, to understand demographics, charging behaviours, and views on managing EV charging. The policy recommendations of the study are based on these findings and input from experts combined with existing research.

The recommendations published in the Consumer Research Report form a part of EPWA’s forward planning of the EV Action Plan. These initiatives and learnings feed into all current actions and inform the future direction of the plan.

Summary Report - WA EV Charging Behaviours (pdf)

Final Final Report - WA EV Charging Behaviours (pdf)